Support and resources for dowsers and Radionic practitioners.

This is the home of the MultiTreat© Radionic treatment software

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Framework Dowsing© – using a pendulum or other dowsing instrument
within a guided structure
which ultimately
extends the seeker’s versatility and knowledge base

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dowsing classes free
Free on line information for newbie dowsers or those wishing to improve their clarity and confidence.
Pendulum dowsing for health
Information for professionals, practitioners and clients – anyone who is interested in dowsing for health or receiving treatment
Resources and materials for the Radionic student or practitioner. Click on this logo to take you to the Resources page
Dowsing course
Information about our courses and workshops in both download and workshop formats

Mission of Framework Dowsing

What can people do with the products/information we are offering on the FWD website?

  • Become self taught in a tried and tested Radionic process
  • Have access to support as a practitioner
  • Resources – some free and some in the store

What makes the products or ideas unique?

  • Combined 100 years plus of practitioner experience
  • Discussion of subjects associated with Radionic treatments
  • Quality materials
  • Respect for an individuals approach and process

Why should people read our information; download the free support materials or buy products/services on the Framework Dowsing website?  Why should people take our advice instead of information on another website?

  • Ahead of our time
  • Not run of the mill, closed shop mentality
  • We self criticise and question and research both new ideas and old concepts
  • Encourage individuals independence and individuality
  • Time saving
  • Money saving

What is the reason we are offering these products/services and information?

  • Sheer frustration we experienced earlier in our careers as Radionic practitioners
  • Lack of availability of Radionic resources and Radionic instrumentation
  • Stagnation and non-sharing of knowledge huddled over by the pseudo upper classes
  • The overwhelming time burden of treating clients and the creation of MT7
  • To encourage divergent thinking and research rather than the rubbish banded about by many so called ‘esoteric’ individuals

Dowsing with accuracy

We are pleased to offer you our FREE  E Book which includes sections on preparing to dowse, pendulum tips, personal development, question structures and creating your dowsing frameworks.  Download ‘Improving Dowsing Accuracy’.
Download the workbook that accompanies ‘Improving Dowsing

Visit the About page to see some of our team.  We have YouTube and Telegram ‘Framework Dowsing – practitioners’ channels.  We occasionally send dowsing and Radionic information packed newsletters.  We dislike junk emails.  We never share your email address and only click ‘send’ when there is something worth writing about …… and you reading!  Join other dowser and practitioners who are receiving quality information via Framework Dowsing emails …..  You can unsubscribe at any time.