Jane Radford

jane-radford-fwd-bioI was first introduced to dowsing whilst completing my Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at GEC Machines in Rugby, Warwickshire. One of the placements was within the Electrical Maintenance Department where my supervisor was kind enough to spend some time showing me how to rod dowse.  He gave me a set he had made himself.  Very soon after this my sister taught me how to dowse with a pendulum and work with food supplements and the Schuessler Tissue Salts. She also helped me to improve my diet and cookery skills. We both used cheerful glass beads and brightly coloured yarn for our pendulums.
Soon after my first child was born I realised that he was following a similar pattern of health to me and within a few months I was given the contact telephone number for Mrs H. Lucie Bidie by a good friend David Kerruish who still has a Wholefood Shop in Rugby. Lucie Bidie put me in touch with one of her students who treated our little family. I was quickly asking for more information and wanted to extend my dowsing skills beyond working with the vitamin and mineral supplements.
I began training with Lucie Bidie in 1987 and continued to work with her until shortly before her death in 2002. Lucie and her husband Stewart were both instrumental in the founding of the Radionic Association, both financially and on committee. They were trained by the De La Warrs and had Radionic analysis and treatment instruments made by the De La Warr Laboratories. Lucie taught students via the School of Radionics but as her findings and techniques changed from the school’s protocols this became more and more tricky.
Around 2000 I was blessed with meeting 2 people who stretched my concepts of the analysis and treatment of clients.  I realised I had become quite rigid in my thinking.  They were Barbara Garratt and Chris Bacon.  I still find our conversations to be divergent and energising.  Barbara, Chris and I work together as ‘Framework Dowsing’.
I have been distance healing for over 25 years which is very rewarding.  I also get so much satisfaction from guiding people to be dowsing at their highest level, whilst achieving confidence in their accuracy and results. 

Barbara Garratt

I was bornBarbara Garratt - Framework Dowser in 1942 to an Irish father and an English mother.
Thanks to the Irish side I inherited a Roman Catholic upbringing which inspired in me a great need to think for myself and to not accept other people’s rigid ideas. The hypocrisy stopped me going to Mass and being a Roman Catholic when I became married at 20. I then tried to learn, understand and experience other religions
My Irish ancestry from my Granma was interesting, she was able to “read the tea leaves and tell fortunes with cards”, as well as asking the priest how to live her life. What a dichotomy! Her sons found out that they had healing abilities with their hands, first my uncle and then my father. Their eldest sister had a gift, and when I was developing my own abilities she was invaluable to me with her insights and attitude.
My English side from my mother gave me a very heavy dose of scepticism about the RC church, and both my mother and father were told by some members of the spiritualist church that they should be mediums as they were really gifted. My mother was 20 when she became was frightened of her ability to see beyond the grave and tried to avoid getting too involved in these areas. My mother’s Aunt was able to see future deaths in the family and also to see Auras, coloured lights around people, I was most envious of this last ability. It was this aunt that introduced my parents to spiritualist ideas. She was married to a very able engineer who created the first electric typewriter in Leicester. This couple would buy me the most interesting books for Xmas and those books inspired my interest in science and the psychic.
A Methodist spinster lady lived next door to us and her influence regarding harmony with plants and animals was paramount. She gave my mother, and therefore me, many insights on diet, homoeopathy and natural healing. She was a vegetarian (in the 50’s) and lived a long healthy life.
I inherited the spiritualist Aunties book “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”, when I was 18, which has been an inspiration to me.  I was told that I was the most intelligent girl in Leicester of my school year when I was 11, but my parents never told me this till I was 30 or so.  What a pity.  I left school with 8 ‘O’ levels which enabled me to join a bank.  I worked there for 6 years and then had my 3 children in a period of four and a half years.  During this time I studied every subject under the sun, having been an avid reader.  I found that I felt depressed when I read a novel just for the sake of it and finally I started reading exactly what my, I think, higher-self wanted me to read.  Since the day I cottoned on to the fact that I needed to access my higher self, soul or spiritual side, I have noticed that, although the life was difficult to follow, I have always been happy.  If I ignore the information and urges then I become really quite depressed.
All the religions and philosophies became of interest to me; all the complementary and alternative ideas were read, studied and digested. And most importantly put into practice.
I feel lucky that I had a good overview of religious attitudes and spirituality. When new age and popular pyschism were being churned out those people without solid grounding what so ever, were the ones led by their noses to all the latest ideas and fashions, whilst at the same time getting themselves into dreadful emotional states.  Many holistic practitioners of this ilk came to me for help when I first started dowsing with the Bach flowers remedies.  I was amazed to find well-regarded practitioners needed my expertise and I treated more of these than the general public. This amazed me.  I was definitely out on a limb.  My stable background helped me to have a more scientific and unemotional approach to all that was possible.
So, the gist of it is that I taught myself to dowse, applied it to the Bach flower remedies, and treated people who needed them, mainly practitioners in the alternative fields.  I came across these people in my professional studying of the subjects and also, previously as a representative of Thorsons books.  I met many health food shop owners and holistic centre practitioners.
I used the tissue cell salts by Schuesller and homeopathic remedies and looked deeply at the need for correct food, minerals and vitamins, and learnt about the meridian lines in the body.  I applied touch to meridian lines and other points on the body.  I did clinical practise with Harry Oldfield’s crystal healing process.  He was looking at Kirlian pictures at the time in an attempt to show how his process worked.  As a dowser, I was very aware of how places in the landscape, both natural and man-made had a positive or negative effect upon our health.

I eventually put these ideas into practice by developing my dowsing ability and took on board radionics, an absent healing method.
I met a gifted computer scientist, who was also a radionics practitioner and a very able psychic.  We realised that what we were putting into practice came under the heading of Vibrational Medicine (please see Richard Gerbers’ seminal book on this subject).  Eventually we developed a computer programme for remote healing, this we called MultiTreat©.  Whilst treating people, places, and animals with this software we also made sure to conduct trials on seeds, soil, crops, and greenhouses to prove to ourselves that our programme was a viable conception.
We fell between the scientists and the psychics and very few of these were happy with us in the 1990’s.  Consequently it was impossible for us as private individuals to obtain funding. I am glad we were able to do as much as we did with our limited funds.  It is now time to release the MultiTreat© for general consumption and I hope that it helps you all as much as it did and does for me.

Tim Smith

I first cTim Smith - Dowserame across dowsing in my early teens.  My friend and her brothers were cutting up old coat hangers to make them into pairs of L-shaped dowsing rods.  We were all equally successful finding water.

I could also feel energies.  It was natural to me and so I had no strong considerations as to what they were.

My brother was very interested in alternative health and spoke of it often. It was not until I was drawn into the local dowsing group via a practitioner friend, that I rediscovered my interest in dowsing.
I went on a dowsing course run by Peter Stott of the British Society of Dowsers where I found that my abilities far exceeded my expectations and that I could do things of which I was previously unaware.
After attending several other BSD courses, I have now adapted what I learnt and integrated my own unique skills.
I am often asked to work with Earth energies.  I have treated the land as well as people’s properties, work places and dwellings.  Recently I have been taken to treating individuals which has highlighted the importance of the work that I have been doing.  If a client is treated and then returns to imbalanced surroundings it is the equivalent of getting back into dirty bath water after having a shower.
I receive positive feedback both from my clients and the energies I work with.

Note from Jane ….
Tim has provided support for Framework Dowsers using Mac computers.  His advice and help in creating clear visual instruction documents has been invaluable.

Chris Bacon

chrisbaconChris started dowsing in his teens after seeing an article in a newspaper that also mentioned Tom Graves.  Spurred on by the information Chris made himself some angle rods, bought Tom Graves books and learnt differing techniques.  He became very interested in ‘noxious Earth energies’ and ‘black streams’ passing beneath houses and building.  His research and reading led him to carrying out corrective work and negating or balancing these ‘energies’.
In the late 1980’s Chris joined a local group where he met Barbara Garratt. Barbara’s interests also included how places affected peoples health.  She was also a Radionic practitioner.  Chris realised that Radionics had a much broader reach than  just treating people. It could be used for working with crops, animals and a useful way of treating places and areas from a distance.

As Chris worked in the electronics industry as a signal processing specialist he did some research and began making dialled Radionic instruments.  Each one was tested by sending corrective treatments to clients during a Kinesiology treatment session with very good results.

As work proceeded with building a Radionic practice the task of sending treatments via instrumentation became overwhelming due to the length of time involved.  Chris knew that the De La Warr Society of Radionics employed a lady full time setting and resetting a room full of  instrumentation in order to broadcast their work load.

In the early 1990s Chris wrote a computer program to send a set of rates to an identification for a patient.  This was again assay tested with Kinesiology clients.  This simple program became the basis of MultiTreat the Radionic Treatment program.

In March 1991 Chris introduced a multi tasking operating system.  By the end of August he had written the MultiTreat software that then meshed into this operating system.  This was again tested and gradually introduced into their practice.  It saved an enormous amount of time – for which it was designed – and had a vast treatment capacity compared with any other treatment set ups.

In 2013 Chris very generously agreed that MultiTreat 7 could be made available via Framework Dowsing.

His many interests include researching both natural and man made electro-magnetic effects on people.

Chris is an operational Controlled Remote Viewer (CRV), and graduated from
two RV training programs in 2006 and 2008 ran by the US ex-military remote viewers Major Ed Dames and David Morehouse. He first became interested in Remote Viewing after seeing the Channel 4 documentary in 1995: “The Real X-Files – America’s Psychic Spies” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecNMGaB3Fec

He is actively involved in the use of CRV for solving real-world problems. CRV is best utilised when combined with other sources of target intelligence. This was how the technique was employed by the US military, i.e. all information sources providing pieces of a much larger jigsaw. CRV can often provide unexpected and out-of-the box answers in the stitching together of that larger picture.

The CRV process starts with the Viewer being given a target reference number. The Viewer always operates totally blind to the target. Then by following the prescribed CRV structure, the Viewer proceeds to detect and decode data that is presented by the subconscious mind, which is then written and sketched onto a stack of blank paper. After the session, the data is summarised, and presented to an analyst for assessment and integration into the corpus of information for the project at hand. Usually the Viewer is given feedback regarding their session data (without revealing what the target is), and may be tasked again to investigate other aspects of project.


Eric Mensah

Eric is a radionics practitioner trained by FWD School of Radionics under full supervision and mentorship of Jane L. Radford. He is a Ghanaian, born and raised in Ghana, and holds BSc. and MPhil. degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Ghana.  He has two scientific publications on drug toxicities among HIV-infected patients.

Eric says “Dowsing in Ghana is a strange and unknown phenomenon, and it is something that one will never come across anywhere at home or in school. It may be known to some homoeopathic practitioners who use a pendulum in their Radionic work, however, it is highly unlikely to hear the word ‘dowsing’ from their mouths.”

Back in graduate school, Eric had developed greater interest in Alternative medicine and natural healing.  His motivation had stemmed from his graduate research findings and also from personal clinical encounters with HIV-infected patients and several other patients with chronic degenerative and immune-related disorders who were overburdened with extreme fear and despair. He devoted much of his time self-educating and was overwhelmed to discover an amazing field of medicine and a gentle therapy method that is in harmony with nature and causes no harm – a fundamental desire expressed by many patients he had encountered.

Eric came across dowsing during his personal online studies and research into Radionics and homoeopathy. After graduate school, he worked with a homoeopathic clinic after going through some months of basic training. This gave him the opportunity to learn and explore Radionics and homoeopathic treatments, which he found highly effective, safe and without side effects or damaging.  He then decided to develop a career in Radionics and energy medicine to help people who are battling chronic and acute preventable diseases. Soon, Eric made his own pendulums and started dowsing independently using information from various online sources. His keen interest and decision to develop a career in Radionics and energy healing eventually led him to Framework Dowsing website and to Jane Radford.

With a background in Biochemistry and research into chronic illnesses, Eric is currently working on a research project with the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) at the Department of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology of University of Ghana. He has previously worked with the department as a teaching assistant, and also as a research assistant at the Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

Eric has contributed in many ways by making resource information available via the FWD website; taking custody of important data files and reviewing course materials. He is also involved with the work of Barbara and Chris. JLR