Accurate Radionic Rates

radionic ratesDo you have any lists of accurate Radionic Rates?

One of the interesting and mind stretching questions received as a result of making the MultiTreat 7.0 available as a free download from the website at the end of 2015

Well the concept of an accurate Radionic Rate is probably, for many practitioners thought to be pretty obvious.        Taken for granted.

But are some Rates – or as we prefer to refer to them – Numerical IDentifications (NIDs) more accurate than others?

In the Framework Dowser YouTube video, I show a way of creating a Radionic Rate / NID using dowsing.  This is then checked against the Framework Dowsing database and filed accordingly.

But is it only time that verifies a Radionic Rate’s Accuracy?

OK     I have been using a set of Numerical IDs for 30+ years.  My teacher had created and built these up over the previous 30+ years.  I felt instantly comfortable and confident working with the Framework Dowsing Conditions.  There was no problem with their efficacy within the treatment analysis.  But ……. if an item was indicated that was within a new field ……  it was a different matter.  Barbara introduced me to the Starlight Elixirs.  It took a while to become ‘fluent’ and confident when they were isolated during an analysis.  Frequently the reference material did not make sense in relation to the target.  It can often take research, discussion with an open minded colleague; considering the remedy from a different viewpoint or just plain repetitive use and familiarisation to become more confident.

Is this the key to Accurate Radionic Rates?

I think it is.  It is not the actual numbers that make up a rate.  They are not magical and mysterious codes.  I believe they are the link with the practitioner’s subconscious.

29939 is my numerical representation for the circulatory system

I know that within my framework, this number only relates to the circulatory system (as a whole).

If I enter 29939 into the MultiTreat Radionic Software
12 days treatments for 15 days – this action is also then linked to the subconscious – every time the MultiTreat Radionic program is initiated.

I believe that the accuracy and effectiveness of a Radionic treatment rate lies with the practitioner and their confidence and clarity of thoughts and concepts.

You may be interested in the Framework Dowsing video Distance Healing and Cakes for more information about Rates and Numerical IDs.

Jane Radford

Originally posted on 25.5.2016