Analogue v Digital Radionics Instruments

Radionics instruments blogSoftware, by definition, is a machine.   A finite state machine. Even a physical electrical circuit is a form of finite state machine, that has a kind of analogue logic to it.

In the old days we processed signals with analogue electrical circuits, as computers got faster digital signal processing (DSP) became possible. So if you like it was then possible to implement the mathematical “logic” of the analogue world in the digital one, a bit like “software circuits” rather than a bunch of components on a board.

Although the MultiTreat 7 (MT7) software does not do any DSP it does implement a machine logic that is consistent with a physical Radionic instrument, if that is even the right explanation.  At the end of the day operator intention is the real instrument.

I’m afraid I don’t buy into all the Scalar Field devices that are out on the Radionics market.  It is simply great sounding rubbish!  Scalar fields are very much theoretical. They might be a very limited explanation of how Radionic instrumentation, or better still, consciousness initiated action at a distance, might function.  But devices that claim that they purturbate a scalar field by some mechanism is pure rubbish.  If such devices could be made, then conventional science and engineering would already be using them to solve the many practical problems that we have in the world.

For us to progress in this field we need to accept that it is the operators mind that is the prime mover in the situation, rather than trying to wrap things up in a coating of pseudo-science that any scientist or engineer with see straight through very quickly. Sure, science can give us a basis to work from.  It helps us to formulate conceptual models, as a jumping off point. As George Box once said “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful”.

The “rates” in Radionics are simple associative rules linking a mental concept to a physical item/target. The whole mechanism is there to get this information across the limin, and into the operators subconscious mind, and from there the subconscious is able to “transmit” this information, by some unknown mechanism, to an apparently, distant target.  This is the whole basis for MT, there is no mysterious logic or pseudo science hidden inside it.  I have always been very open about that fact.  Think of the MT software as an “Operations protocol” to achieve such a “transmission”.

radionics instrumentsI still like the old Radionics instruments.  MT was my response to solving a practical day-to-day Radionic practice capacity problem.  Even I was initially sceptical if it would even function as a Radionic instrument, much to my surprise!  But being an engineer I though I’d build a prototype and see what happened! Thats what engineers do, don’t they!

It is unfortunate that MT is still a DOS program. My work with MTX has stalled, and I very much doubt that it will ever become a user friendly piece of software, I designed it to be a much more flexible software instrument than MT and portable to modern computing platforms.  I use MTX in the very small amount of Radionics work that I do these days, and it’s development has now been tailored very much towards my own applications and methods of operating, so really any general release of it is unlikely.  The resistance to MTX is right in line to the initial responses that I had when I developed MT way back in the early 1990’s by individuals using classic Radionics instruments. Perhaps give it another 20 years and it will be ready!

For us to progress in this field we need to accept that it is the operators mind that is the prime mover in the situation, rather than trying to wrap things up in a coating of pseudo-science that any scientist or engineer with see straight through very quickly.

It was partially this situation that held Radionics back in it’s earlier days.   Many instrument manufacturers were more than concerned that a physics savvy individual would open up an instrument to find meaningless circuitry. This situation shrouded the subject in mystique and secrecy.   Of course, I might be wrong, although if anyone can explain, in detail, exactly how such circuitry does enable coupling between the operator and a distant target, I really would love to know.  It can be pretty tricky transmitting a normal radio signal a few miles, or even to the other side of the world, with intelligible information contained upon it, let alone “Radionics signals”.

Chris Bacon