Dowsing Classes

Welcome to the Dowsing Classes area of the Framework Dowsing Website.
The focus here will be on pendulum dowsing. These pages are aimed at people who are new to dowsing or experienced dowsers wishing to improve their confidence and accuracy.
The information on this page is an overview.
Click on the different coloured pendulums or follow the link at the end of the page to get started with your dowsing classes.

 Make a Pendulum for Dowsing

Make a pendulum for dowsing

How to make or adapt a pendulum for dowsing avoiding the use of a metal chain.

Preparing to Dowse

Dowsing Class 2 Preparing to Dowse

Calming the physical distractions from the sensory nervous system.

These pointers may seem simple but can be easily overlooked.

 Pendulum Dowsing Movements

Dowsing Classes 3

Ascertaining or programming the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ indicators of the pendulum

Dowsing Question Structures

Dowsing Classes 4

Creating questions which lead to accurate dowsing

Your Dowsing Framework

Dowsing Classes 5

Ideas for creating a structure to your dowsing process. This allows the dowser to disengage from the pendulum responses and leads to more accurate reliable results.

Get started – Go to Make a Pendulum for Dowsing

Framework Dowsing Techniques

Joining your Frameworks and question structures for emotionally detached dowsing that pinpoints information.

High Level Dowsing

Using your dowsing for meaningful and relevant work.  Quit messing around.  Focus on expanding your consciousness.