Dowsing Question Structures

Dowsing Classes 4 - dowsing questionsFormulating appropriate dowsing questions for your Dowsing Framework is an important aspect of achieving clear, reliable dowsing.  Dowsing Question Structures is part of the Dowsing Classes area of the website.

Questions should eliminate unnecessary information and pinpoint the specific item required as efficiently as possible.

You may find that in the same was as your Dowsing Framework grows and develops, so also will honing the phraseology of your questions.

In Dowsing Class 5 ‘Your Dowsing Framework’, you will consider the areas or subjects with which you use or would like to focus your dowsing.  So let us consider some dowsing questions.

We will be using an example of a mat system where you have divided your areas of interest into sections of the mat.

Here are some phrases which are useful to consider when formulating your questions using a Dowsing Framework.

At the beginning of your dowsing analysis.

“Is it indicated ………..?” or “Are there any items indicated for Client X?”  This ascertains (in one question) that it is the correct time, place and that you have permission to be privy to the information you are requesting.

Referring to the sections of your Framework

“Where do I begin with this analysis?”

“Is the item indicated in this area of the Dowsing Framework…………?”

“Do I have this item listed (in) ………?”

Typically the responses given by your pendulum dowsing are ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.  It follows that the following question

“Is this food fit for human consumption?”

Is far superior to “Is this food good for me?” which is non specific.
Is it good for you if you eat 1 teaspoonful or 2 kilograms? Raw or boiled for 2 hours? etc, etc.

Using the other examples above, this questioning can be improved again by using a dietary analysis sheet which takes into consideration Blood Type, a dietary supplement list, digestive system weaknesses and conditions afflicting the digestive process etc.  This Dietary Analysis Framework would then be an extension of your Main Framework Dowsing Analysis Sheet.

The main points to remember with your dowsing questions are

The foundation of your question structures are your frameworks.
The frameworks lead to simple often repeated questions which can easily be memorised.
This creates a more fluid process.

We hope the information is helpful.  Please contribute towards providing quality information for people exploring Radionics and accuracy in their dowsing.
Thank you

Start creating ………  Your Dowsing Frameworks