Framework Dowsing Techniques

Using Framework Dowsing Techniques to achieve
High Level Dowsing

Level 2 Framework Dowsing Course – Module 1

Introduction to ‘High Level Dowsing’ now forms part of the Dowsing Classes area of the website

We will be looking at the main factors which, when drawn together will give techniques that improve your dowsing accuracy and reduce tiredness.  This involves creating your personal dowsing frameworks or adapting the example included in module 2.2.

The Framework Dowsing Process Diagram
The 2 process strands converge and lead to clear, confidant, accurate dowsing 

Dowsing techniques - simple


Quieten the activity in the Left Hand Side of the brain by

  • Calming the Physical
  • Using your  Frameworks
  • Incorporating your question structures which flow automatically

The Right Hand Side of the Brain is then uncluttered for

  • Receiving dowsing information

The left hand side of the brain is also used for recording your dowsing information.  It therefore helps to have a pro forma for this purpose.




Calm the Physical SummaryDowsing Techniques- Sensory nerve endings


The Dowsing Classes area of the website and the e book guide you through the different aspects of reducing distractions from the sensory nervous system.  The ‘Calming the Physical’ diagram serves as a quick reference reminder of the different aspects of which to be aware both before and during dowsing.  This is especially important if you are professionally dowsing for blocks of time throughout the day.

Creating your dowsing framework

We will next look at creating your main Framework Analysis Worksheet.

There are a number of different layouts and it is finding the ones which are most easy to use or the most appropriate for different items and situations.

It may be that you incorporate different formats within one Framework sheet or that you use various styles of Frameworks amongst your different reference materials.

Different Framework Layouts

  • Lists
  • Mats
  • Evolution Trees / Family Trees
  • Physical products or reference materials
  • Grid Overlays
  • Flow Diagrams —–   They are not part of the Framework Dowsing Technique

Your Dowsing Framework

Dowsing techniques 1st framework

If you are new to dowsing the different areas or items that you are trying to pinpoint and isolate may be relatively small compared with someone who is working with the equivalent of  a 1000 piece jigsaw.  We will be looking at an example framework in Module 2.
In this initial example the areas are already in place and are ready for you to change or input your own materials.  If you are interested in Dowsing for Health you may find it useful as a jump board to adapt and extend or contract depending on your areas of expertise

So – if you did not brainstorm in Section 5 of the free download ‘Improving Dowsing Accuracy’ PLEASE DO SO NOW.

Next you need to group the items into families.  This may have occurred naturally during your mind dump.  An example would be, if you are working solely with Flower Essences.  Can you create main headings for these groupings?   One suggestion would be using different areas of the world where these remedies are potentised.  The whole point of creating a Framework for Dowsing is that you have the advantage of eliminating chunks of unnecessary options and pinpointing the required item quickly.

Tip : Look at reference books and web sites which you use regularly.  Observe  how they are organised and the order in which information is presented.

Example of brainstorming for Creating an Agricultural Dowsing Framework

Dowsing techniques agri brain storm

 List FrameworkFlower Remedy Framework UK

Grouping of items in a List Framework can easily be done by incorporating brackets.

If we look at this British Flower Framework (available as a free download) brackets, colour coding and an alphabet string are all included so that there are different options for you to try when isolating an essence remedy.




Mat or Map Frameworks   

Dowsing Techniques lvl2Mat

This can involve using different areas to group related areas of your Dowsing Framework.  In the example here each trigram can be subdivided with 2 brackets.  The dowsing process is accelerated by quickly eliminating ½ of the available rows or columns.

You can use your hand over an area.  When becoming more specific with a list or mat system – use a pointer such as a pencil.

Family / Evolution Tree

This type of framework can be referred to as the
family tree – the information becomes more detailed towards the bottom of the page descending
evolution tree – information is ascending.  More specificity is towards the top of the page.
In reality our Dowsing Frameworks are 3 dimensional.  Mine and many other people’s involve different pages, files, reference books and actual physical objects
This is why the Framework Dowsing Logo is the Leaf design.  Dowsing techniques family tree
The veins of the leaf diverge from the stem.

Note Framework Dowsing = divergent thinking and convergent information or treatment for our clients.  As we move through the branches and choices within our framework the information becomes increasingly specific and detailed.


A Physical Framework

This is when you are using  a group of items e.g. a first aid set of homoeopathic remedies  or dowsing techniques lvl2 physicala set of Bach Flower Remedies as your framework.

You can lay your hand over a group or row of items to eliminate or focus a search.  The item indicated can then be achieved by checking individually.

Tip: Arrange items so they are subdivided or grouped to increase speed and accuracy
Dowsing techniques - grouping phy

Grid Overlays

Dowsing House planTypically grid overlays are used with maps and building plans ……… but don’t let this cramp your style!  In the picture we have a house plan which is placed beneath a transparent grid.  Maps usually have their own printed grid reference.


These examples demonstrate physical, list, and ‘family/evolution tree’ frameworks
Book Case Book Shelf BookChapterPage paragraph

Homoeopathic remedy Stock remedy Individual remedy potency  dosage

Question Structures

Your dowsing questions need to be carefully considered both in their own right and when anchored into your Dowsing Frameworks.

The pages Dowsing Question Structures and Your Dowsing Framework  and the 10 Way Markers e book both provide suggestions.  In Module 2.2 – High Level Dowsing we will go into specific questions for an example Framework in more detail.

Practicing your dowsing skills with meaningful work is important not only to increase confidence but also to ingrain the questions so they flow easily and automatically.  The questions then become part of the subconscious processes.  There is little effort mentally and the dowsing information can flow easily on a ‘path of least resistance’.

A lot of people struggle with their dowsing questions.

Good news

When you have a Dowsing Framework your question structures and process becomes much more simple.

Your Framework provides the back bone to very simple and repetitive questioning.  You are generally merely rephrasing part of a standard question structure according to the stage in the analysis that you have reached

The main work you need to do is to build foundations by creating your Main Analysis Framework and the lists/Frameworks  to which you will be taken .

Do not get ‘put off’ from starting this.


1/  Your Frameworks are not ‘set in stone’  If you remain open to new ideas then you cannot consider your Frameworks to be static and fixed.  Dowsers who are willing to incorporate fresh concepts into their Frameworks to see if they ‘fit in’ or are called upon by your pendulum will notice fluctuations and changes over time.  They may maintain a similar layout over many years with new items coming in and out of frequency of use or they may change dramatically at times.  Over time your Frameworks will reflect your depth of knowledge, plasticity of thought  and raised  consciousness.  Always keep your ears and eyes open for new ideas for Frameworks.

2/  Start small  Watch the Slide Share  Introduction to Framework Dowsing   Here you will see an example of how a Framework developed over time.  Remember the picture which shows an example of brainstorming for Creating an Agricultural Framework?  This was used to start to pull together ideas for a student working in the field of Horticultural Framework Dowsing with MultiTreat 7

3/  We need those Frameworks pulled together before we can run through a set of Questions with which to link.

4/  Save time by using other peoples ‘Frameworks’.  They haven’t purposely set out to create a Framework for Dowsing but numerous websites, books (check those indexes before buying), product catalogues and price lists etc.  Sometimes we have bought a book just for the excellent Framework in the index!

More about Frameworks because they are an integral part of good dowsing techniques.
AND they that are so important for creating your Question Structures!

Adding brackets, colour coding, columns or rows can help in the process of eliminating as much as possible from your analysis sheet to improve speed.

Narrowing down your options to a group of 4-5 different categories or items leads to greater accuracy rather than dowsing through a long list.

OK so now we get onto the Question structures

These are going to be your question structures so…..




‘YES’  OR  ‘NO’




In Module 2.2 we will be demonstrating dowsing question structures which link with a Dowsing for Health Framework.

Now complete Level 2 by going to ………  High Level Dowsing
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