High Level Dowsing

Using Framework Dowsing Techniques to achieve High Level Dowsing

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Level 2 Framework Dowsing Course – Module 2

Here is a diagrammatic summary of Module 2.1

FW Dowsing process


In Module 2.1 – Framework Dowsing Techniques we looked at

  • reducing the distractions from the sensory nerve endings
  • the importance of creating frameworks and structures
  • linking your dowsing questions into your frameworks

In Module 2.2

We will be looking at a specific framework in order to demonstrate how the questions will tie in with framework structures

As well as

  • What is High Level Dowsing?
  • Creating your Dowsing Framework PtII
    Example Framework
    Example Questions
  • Pre Dowsing Statements and Acknowledgements
  • Tuning in
  • FWD for working with clients

What is ‘High Level Dowsing’?

It is not

  • Finding out the sex of an unborn child
  • Getting ‘guidance’ as to when to go shopping so it is easier to get a parking space.
  • Checking whether food is fit for human consumption
  • Dangling your pendulum over a lottery ticket

If dowsing can be defined as

“accessing information which is not readily available or is hidden from normal consciousness…….”

…… what is High Level Dowsing?  Some facets of high level dowsing could be that it ….

is for the common benefit of an individual or group of people – not the practitioner/dowser
Raises the development and consciousness of the client/s and the practitioner/dowser
Relieves suffering and provides positive outcomes whilst allowing the client or situation to continue to learn and develop

Pre Dowsing statements and acknowledgements

Some dowsers believe in making pre-dowsing statements / requests or acknowledgements.  There is a difference.

Requests and acknowledgements may be part of a routine which enhances or allows the practitioner to attain a sense of being in the zone for dowsing.  But are they necessary?  Some people seem to become fixated with a routine, without which they feel unable to continue…… and these can be quite lengthy!  A dowser is in a much more stable situation if they have the self confidence to proceed without an associated ritual.  This self worth can be a good indicator that information will be accessible and clear even if the personality may lean towards being quite sensitive  and sway-able when not in the dowsing process.

Acknowledging a guide/higher self/ ‘god’

Some pre dowsing statements do not need to be made every time that you start to dowse. For example…. If you ask that information is given in order of most importance then in time this request does not need to be made before each dowsing analysis session.  It is taken as presumed and does not need to be consciously requested.

Examples of Pre Dowsing Statements

Some dowsers

  • believe they work with a ‘guide’ or connect to a specific source of information for their dowsing.  They may acknowledge that connection before they begin a dowsing analysis.
  • feel that they need to ask if they are allowed to dowse for each situation in which they are working.
  • request protection before commencing with their work.

Useful statements when beginning a dowsing analysis

  • I have here…….   Describe the situation and problem perceived by the client or yourself
  • Are there any items indicated for this client (name) now?

Useful requests which do not need to be repeated once they become part of your ethos of work

  • Please may I have the information in order of importance
  • Please may it be drawn to my attention if I have made a mistake (Be prepared for a chuckle at times with this one)


That you write out the problem or situation that you wish to gain information about and read or say out loud what you have written. (More on this later in the section ‘Beginning Your Analysis’)

Acknowledge the source of the information that you are receiving – whatever or wherever that may be.  Picking up your dowsing tool/pendulum can be a symbolic acknowledgement of this.

Beginning with the statement ‘I have here ‘x client’ or ‘y situation’, then ask if there is any information / items / treatments indicated for this person or situation now.

In this way you by pass any confusion and double questioning as to whether you are ‘allowed’ to dowse for the situation in hand.  Questions which try to cover all bases such as “Can I? May I? Should I?” (All in one breath please!!!) become superfluous.

“I have here (Target X).  Are there any items indicated for this patient?” is much more direct and pertinent to the situation.  If the answer is ‘No’ the follow up questions may be

“Is it indicated for me to be working with this client?”

“Are there items to be indicated in the future?”  Get your work diary out and use the pages and days as your framework.

Portsmouth Dowsing
Photo courtesy of Joanne Aitcheson

Keep records of your work both for yourself and clients

In this way you learn, extend your knowledge and gain experience

Clients appreciate feedback

Initially ask that you have information ‘the most important first’.  You do not need to keep reiterating this request.  It can be an expectation which should be honoured from thence on.

Remember to follow the ‘Calm the Physical’ protocol !      And check on such things as posture and comfort periodically whilst dowsing

Creating Your Dowsing Framework Part 2

We are now going to look more closely at the Dowsing for Health Framework   By doing this you will be able to see a system which is used on a daily basis and hopefully incorporate ideas into your Dowsing Framework.

The main analysis sheet is the point at which the dowser stands to be taken down one of 4 main route ways.

Dowsing for Health mat

This is a Mat Framework.

By working systematically around the sheet (anticlockwise) it can be determined on which section to focus.  Thus approximately ¾ of the information can be set aside in a short space of time.

And so to begin……

If you feel it is necessary acknowledge the source of the information which you are accessing whilst you are dowsing in whatever way feels comfortable to you.

Make whatever requests that you feel are necessary to help you achieve a high standard of dowsing accuracy.

“I have here ________ name _________”    (STATEMENT)
This could be a person, animal, place, plant, soil, etc

Read your situation or case history summary

“Are there any items indicated for _______name________ now?”     If “YES”

“Where do I begin with this analysis?”    Refer to the Main Analysis Framework

“Is it an item listed in this group?”    Place your hand over each section of the Dowsing Framework in a predetermined order.  Mine is anticlockwise starting with the right top section of the sheet.  Note that how you arrange your Analysis Sheet should reflect the way you work.  Frequently indicated or more important items should be listed first or at the top of sections to use your time and energy most efficiently.
Ascertain the item – the imbalance or treatment required from the relevant group. 

When a section is indicated work through the brackets within that section.  Here we will use part of the Conditions section as an example.

conditions list abr. jpegThis is a List Framework


“Is a Condition indicated?”
“Is it a Condition listed in this bracket?”

If a positive response is indicated for a bracket …… read the individual items within that bracket.

“Is this Condition a Zymoid?”
“A Zymoisis?”

“An Allergy?”

As soon as you get a positive response – follow that pathway.  Do not keep checking and verifying your work.  It will lead to confusion and mistakes.

“Is there another item indicated for ______name______ now?”  Move on to isolate additional items.  

Framework Dowsing Radionic Treatment Experiment

Dowsing for QR PinePlease join us in taking part in this experiment which incorporates dowsing with a framework and using a collection of QR code style patterns to represent various plant essences.

GO TO the Radionic Treatment Experiment Page

The task will involve

  • using a witness for your chosen target
  • dowsing for for a specific remedy
  • checking for time and number of days treatment
  • using the QR code sheet as a Radionic ‘instrument’ to broadcast your treatments

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