Radionic Treatment Experiment

As part of the High Level Dowsing page we are including this Framework Dowsing task.

The object of the experiment is the use of

QR Codes as Radionic Treatment ‘Plates’

Dowsing for QR PineWe are using patterns to represent flower essences.  The pattern represents the corrective treatment which is sent to the client or target.  This is a similar concept to Malcolm Rae’s MGA card system for Radionic treatments.  Chris Bacon, writer of the MultiTreat Radionic software program, has created these unique QR (Quick Response) style codes.  You will probably be more familiar with the format of these codes when they are used to link a mobile device to a website.  The ‘phone uses an application which registers the pattern through the device camera.  The programing then links the web browser to the relevant website.
Here we are using them in a way that seems quite different but does have its similarities. Framework Dowsing YouTube video ‘Distance Healing with Cakes

The practitioner consciously registers the corrective treatment for the target.  The client’s witness is placed on the relevant area of the grid.  This corresponds to the remedy indicated as being appropriate and remains in place for a determined amount of time.  The practitioner should then detach emotionally and mentally from the situation.  The subconscious can then link the remedy to the “client”.

Listen to the pod-cast either via or YouTube where Chris and Jane introduce the concept outline.

The object of the exercise is to find out if there is any perceived effect of using the steps below to benefit a person, place, animal etc.


  1. Download the QR codes for the British Flower Essences
  2. Print out the 2 pages.  You will need an area where they can be laid out undisturbed at set times over a number of days.
  3. Choose a suitable subject or target.
  4. Write down the problem (if any) as perceived by yourself or the client.
  5. You will need a witness of the target that you have chosen.
    For a person this could be a small sprig of hair or their handwritten initials/signature.
    A feather or sample of fur would be a suggestion for an animal or pet.  Other suitable witnesses would be part of a leaf or soil sample, dust or furnishing sample etc.
  6. It will be easier if you use a small envelope or folded piece of paper to contain the witness.  This should be slightly smaller than the QR code square so that it can be placed within the indicated area easily.
  7. Begin your ‘analysis’ by asking if there is a British Flower Remedy indicated now for treating this subject.  If the answer is ‘Yes’, proceed.  Otherwise ask if the analysis should be completed later.  You may need another target with which to work.
  8. Use dowsing or a simple Kinesiology muscle test to ascertain which flower remedy or remedies are indicated for your subject.  How to do a simple kinesiology test –
  9. You can either use the QR sheets that you have downloaded or use this British Flower Remedy list for the analysis.
  10. Once a Remedy has been isolated ask how many minutes are indicated for the witness to remain placed on the QR flower remedy code.  This can be counted up in 5 minute steps.
    Should the witness remain on the QR code for as long as 5 minutes? … 10 minutes? …. 15 minutes? …. Etc.  See the Dowsing Classes area of the website – Dowsing Question Structures
  11. Ask for how many days the witness needs to be placed on the relevant QR code.
    How many days treatment are indicated?
    Again you can count up in 5 day intervals.
  12. Is there another British Flower Remedy indicated for this person/place/etc to be treated now?
  13. Continue asking if there is another remedy until you get a negative response from your pendulum or muscle test.
  14. Please use the comment section below for feedback.

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the QR British Flower Essence Radionic treatment task.