Dowsing Class 1 Make a pendulum

Making a Pendulum for Dowsing forms part of the Dowsing Classes area of the website.

Although a pendulum which is spherical or ovoid in shape is the best, you can begin by using any object on a piece of thread to see if you can get a response.  I used an eraser through which I had gouged a hole and put a piece of string.  You could try a collection of the same size metal washers or nuts tied together with a shoe lace.

If you can get a response to a very crudely made pendulum it is worth tinkering around and making a number of cheap and cheerful pendulums of different weights and drop lengths to see what best works for you.  A large glass bead 15 -20 mm threaded through with bright yarn knotted at either end will quickly make a cheerful pendulum.

The longer the length of the drop, the slower the response.  It will take longer for the pendulum to change direction to your given questions.

The heavier the weight of the pendulum the more energy it will need to initiate a movement.  Once moving it may require more energy to change direction to another given question.

People who are dowsing outside will probably need heavier pendulums to provide extra stability.

Many ready made pendulums are sold with chain drops.  These look attractive.  However between each link a tiny amount of friction exists.  It is advisable to use thread, yarn or cord.  Jewellery bead threading cord often being the strongest and the best.  It also has the advantage of being easier and cheaper to adjust the length.  You may ultimately be able to dispense with the drop altogether!

If you are going to be doing a lot of dowsing or are dowsing for long periods the weight and drop length may become more and more critical to you.  As with your Dowsing Frameworks – don’t be surprised if your preferences or needs change over time.

In the Framework Dowsing workshops we had numerous pendulums available for participants to try using in the different exercises.

How to Make a Pendulum for Dowsing

Pendulum making information


Large glass beads used in jewellery making
Small glass beads
Jewellery makers findings


Bead stringing thread – polyester waxed
Curtain ring approximate diameter 15mm


Small pliers – preferably round nosed
Cigarette lighter or other heat source for melting thread

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