Preparing for Dowsing

Dowsing Class 2 Preparing to Dowse

This page which outlines basic preparation before dowsing is part of the Dowsing Classes area of the website.  In this dowsing class the following points may seem basic or obvious.  They are however worth acknowledging and act as a valuable check list when you are learning to dowse or dowsing for long lengths of time.
Here we are dampening down the distractions from the sensory nerve endings.

Dowsing Class 2.1


Dowsing Class2.2 IsYourBodyHydrated

Our bodies need to be hydrated in order to work at optimum efficiency. Consider the different systems of the body – digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, etc as well as the nervous system. Drink before dowsing and have water available to drink if you are working for any length of time. Remember to drink extra water if you have caffeine laden drinks. An additional 8 fluid ounces per cup to the 8 x 8 fluid ounces throughout the day. Small amount of alcohol can help some people to ‘relax’ into the dowsing process.
You still need to drink water.


VisionDowsing Class 2.3 CanYouSee
Things to consider regarding vision. Adequate lighting. Is your lighting causing glare? For example – Can you see your work sheets easily? Your basic dowsing framework sheet is a tool you will use repeatedly.
If you have protected it with a poly sleeve can you still work with it easily?
Are you trying to work through the glare of a reflection?
Glasses – if you wear them. Are they the correct prescription or the best lens combination for your work?
Do you have enough light to work comfortably?
Experiment – If you are not looking at your pendulum does it continue to move?

Dowsing Class 2.5 Bowel&Bladder

Bowel and Bladder
Probably one of the biggest distractions when dowsing!
Don’t be surprised if the desire to empty your bowels happens soon after starting a dowsing session.
Don’t ignore. It’s going to be much quicker for you to visit the toilet and then get back into the ‘zone’ than soldier on.
Note: With drinking more water you may be emptying the bladder more frequently. Keeping hydrated s more important than reducing your visits to the bathroom.


Brain friendly food. Some foods support ‘active’ brain function. These include good quality proteins,Dowsing Class 2.5 EnergisedAfterEating fruit and vegetables. Whilst complex carbohydrates are soporific and relaxing. If you are a professional dowser look at your working day and plan your menus accordingly. Dowsing after a heavy meal can require more effort and concentration to achieve clear results.
Some foods are rich in brain nutrients and improve or maintain brain function.
Others are soporific and help the body slow down and relax.
When are you the most active in your dowsing work?
It is going to require more ‘push’ to dowse after a heavy meal rich in carbohydrates and or refined starches and sugars.
Raw fruit and vegetables rich in enzyme activity with good quality protein will help to maintain clarity and brain function.
Consider incorporating foods which are appropriate for your blood group into your diet.
Don’t eat whilst dowsing! Experiment – will your pendulum respond whilst chewing a mouthful of food?

Dowsing Class 2.6 Ergonimcs

Are you tensed or relaxed?
Is your posture good?
Are you well grounded physically and emotionally? Are your feet on the floor? Are you in the present?
Are you the right temperature to feel comfortable?
Are there noises to distract you?


If you are working indoors getting your feet on ‘Mother Earth’ can be a type of energy boost to the dowsing process. A short brisk walk increases the heart and respiratory rate as well as being an important means of moving the lymph fluid around the body.

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