Your Dowsing Framework

Dowsing Classes 5Tips for creating your personal Dowsing Framework.  In this Dowsing Classes area of the website we are starting by looking at how to dowse with a simple framework.

Our free e book download encourages you to brain storm or mind map your interests as a precursor to creating your Framework Dowsing Analysis Sheet.  See also the Dowsing for Health section of the website where the Dowsing Framework structure is a combination of a ‘List’ and ‘Mat’ system.

The example below is a list of Flower Remedies.  You can use the picture link to download the file.

Flower Remedy Framework UK

This could be the main Framework list that a dowser uses if they work for the majority of their time with this powerful group of remedies.
The list may also be part of a much larger framework for a practitioner using numerous ranges of flower remedies from around the world.  Whilst another practitioner may include it amongst their ‘tool kit’ because they are utilising Flower Essences, Starlight and Gem Elixirs etc.

This Framework uses a ‘List’ structure.  It is also colour coded and alphabet referenced.  It therefore offers three avenues by which the remedy or combination of remedies can be indicated.  Find which way/s suit you best.

You could commence your analysis by finding out if the remedy for your client/target begins with a letter from the first half of the alphabet A–>M

If ‘Yes’ then use the brackets.

Is it one of these in this bracket?   ……… This bracket?  Etc

Alternatively:  Is it listed from A –> D?  E -> H?  I -> M   …….. using the alphabet sections at the top of the page.

If ‘No’ then move to the 2nd half of the alphabet and repeat the same style of questioning.  If the preceding brackets have been eliminated, time can be saved by going through the last bracket of each section using the individual names of the remedies.

Note:  It can be easier using your hand to cover sections of the Framework – as in a ‘Mat’ system. You will place your hand over the top section of the list.  Using a pointer (pencil, pen) rather than your finger seems to work better for brackets and individual items.

From creating a mind map or brain blitz session start to draw together your subject areas in which you wish to dowse.  Move the information into the physical and start creating your Dowsing Frameworks.

Think about the form of a leaf.

z Dowsing classes Ivy leaf framework

You are at the stem of the leaf and your Dowsing Framework(s) are the branching veins taking you to the specific items of information for your clients.

Move forward to Level 2.1 and learn about ………  Framework Dowsing Techniques