Dowsing for Health

Pendulum dowsing for health

This area of the website is an overview of one type of Framework Dowsing for Health Analysis Sheet.

It has been in use for over 30 years but has changed and evolved over that time. New items have been added and the orders have been changed to reflect the changes in frequency of use. It has been an interesting process to observe the different cycles and the re-emergence of groups of treatments which seemed to have been forgotten.
The logo below, on the left represents the different sections of the Dowsing Framework. During an analysis we move anti clockwise around the framework starting in the top right hand section.

Dowsing for Health


Dowsing for Health ConditionsDowsing for Health LocationsDowsing for Health Cosmic and planetary energiesDowsing for Health Specific Remedies

With each item that is indicated for a target or client we also ascertain at which subtle anatomical level the treatments are to be focused.

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