Cosmic and Planetary Energies

Dowsing for Health Cosmic and planetary energiesCosmic and planetary energies have a different numerical format from the other treatments sent via the MultiTreat © Computer software program.  They are all Base 44 rates.

They also seem infinite in number.  For many years the Numerical Identifications for these energies were plotted, recorded and filed.  As they are created individually for each client and treatment, the process was abandoned in 2002.
They are believed to have an influence on the energy dance of the DNA and metabolites.  They are seldom indicated for treating a Condition.

Cosmic and Planetary Energies form part of the Framework Dowsing for Health area of the website.

Here are the 8 different types of treatments within this category.

Formative Forces

Energies which support the creative processes within the metabolism.

Release Forces

Forces which enable the correct process of elimination and dissolution of matter and life force.

Sun Rays

Specific description unavailable. Awaiting update of information.

Lunar Rays

Specific description unavailable. Awaiting update of information.

Laser Rays

Rays of coherent wave lengths. Source unknown. At present frequently indicated during a Framework Dowsing analysis.

Sub Rays

There is not a complete name for this group of Rays.
Subterranean? Substance?
Rarely indicated at present.
Classification research continues.

Earth Rays

Energy patterns specifically associated with the planet Earth.

Cosmic Rays

These very high electro magnetic energies can be detected scientifically from all directions. They have been described by James W. Cronin as “the most energetic particles in the universe.”  Their source has not been ascertained as yet.  In science and engineering they are used to speed up and slow down the activity of molecules (super heating/cooling). They are frequently indicated during a Radionic analysis.

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