Specific Remedies

Dowsing for Health Specific Remedies

This page of the website provides information about the final section of the Main Framework Dowsing Analysis Sheet.

This section originally listed oral remedies which would be prescribed for clients. Homoeopathic remedies were frequently prescribed alongside the distance or Radionic treatments.

At the moment most of this group are now sent using the MultiTreat Software program in the form of what some people would call “virtual remedies”. These treatments have various roles, from supporting an enzyme pattern to eliminating a condition.

Specific Remedies forms part of the Dowsing for Health area of the website.

Here are some of the items listed within this section.

Food supplements – Use a reputable firms sales list or brochure
Homoeopathic remedies*
Plant Essences**
Starlight elixirs*
Elements and compounds**
Herbal/ Essential Oils**
Animal Elixirs*
Sacred geometry /Archetypes / Symbols**

* We are currently formatting the following Frameworks which will be made available in the shop.
** 2019

For further information on remote treatments or distance healing please see the courses section of the website. At the end of Level 2 we start to cover this subject which is further developed within Level 3 modules.