Radionic Treatments for Corona Virus

The following resource has been written by Jane Radford in response to questions about Radionic treatments for Corona virus or COVID-19


Amidst the numerous concerns in many countries, there are a number of positive aspects we are experiencing. In the UK many people are supporting their local small businesses, helping in their communities, becoming interested in growing food to eat, exercising more …..

Globally there is a reduction in nitrogen dioxide.

In this article I will guide you through a number of considerations to be made before starting your analyses at this busy time.
In a situation that raises fear of disease and dying, many people turn to improving their health. They may begin to consider that what they routinely surround and put inside their bodies may have a long term compound effect.
You may hear the phrase ‘You are my last resort’ from a new client …… which is not a compliment!
It is a busy time when we are working to support our regular clients. Those who call upon us first, rather than automatically take analgesics and allopathic medicines. Some decisions and choices can be difficult to make.
We are all moving towards leaving our current physical bodies. The following link is an overview of the route we are likely to take!

Starting your radionic analysis

First Considerations – before you start

What measures am I taking to maintain my own mental, emotional and physical well being?

Practitioners need to be aware that if they are below par, then all clients are without updates to their treatments. Put yourself first. A new case that takes a lot of clinic and research time may be too much.
When the work load becomes heavy, be prepared to consider

  • Saying ‘No’
  • taking shortcuts
  • using group Target ID rates
  • using your conscious knowledge rather than dowsing for each item

And remember to

  • take frequent breaks
  • drink water
  • get outside and walk on the earth

Next – Some Questions

Do viruses exist?

The term ‘virus’ is not recognised in my dowsing protocol.
A ‘virus’ has never been indicated for treatment during any of my Radionic analyses.
The work of Stefan Lanka is noteworthy.
Is the term bacteriopphage acceptable?

Can the Immune System be Strengthened?

strengthening the immune system
What is the practitioners concept of strengthening ‘the immune system’?

The Immune System is an analogy for a complex interconnection between definable systems in the body.

I do not think there is an ‘immune system’. I think this is a term that is an analogy for general and localised metabolic processes. Each organ has its own connective tissue/reticulo endothelial system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and its own microbiome. Specific organs create macrophages and opsinins. These work together to create what could be called an ‘immune system’.

JLRadford – Framework Dowsing Level 4 Course materials

Fear and Anxiety Cause Dis-ease – the Emotional Aspect

It is frequently overlooked that the subconscious is expressed via the physical body.
See below the links to Hamer and the work of Candace Pert

It is vastly disappointing that the media has joyously stoked up fear to make more money. Government employees have had to be seen to responding to ‘the crisis’.

German New Medicine – Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s work provides a rich resource for practitioners.
Watch Caroline Markolin’s videos where she talks about the effects of a cancer diagnosis affecting the development of further symptoms.

Radionic practitioners are working in a climate of fear of the Corona ‘virus’. We need to be assessing our client’s mental and emotional states.

  • Agrimony – for those who hide worries behind a brave face
  • Cherry Plum – uncontrolled, irrational thoughts
  • Gentian – despondancy
  • Mimulus – fear of known things
  • Rock Rose – suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky
  • Star of Bethlehem – effects of serious news
  • White Chestnut – persistent unwanted thoughts. Preoccupation with some worry

Also consider the homoeopathic remedies

  • Stramonium – terror 8662755214
  • Natrum Muriaticum – anxiety of the future 1182625387
  • Pulsatilla – melancholy, fear of death 2614376100
  • Hypericum – removes consequences of fright and effects of shock 3846153363
  • Zinc Valerian distressed, ‘mixed up’ 2011854600

Please visit the shop if you are interested in the full homoeopathic remedies list.

The Radionic Analysis for a person concerned that they have COVID-19

Beginning your Radionic Analysis

It is the task of the practitioner to be subconsciously encompassing a wide range of concepts and biological processes as they approach their work.
We have already considered
Maintaining our own wellbeing
The Immune System
Underlying Emotional States

Dowsing for Health mat
Diagramatic process for dowsing the different sections of the Main Analysis Framework

If you are interested in the Framework Dowsing Radionic analysis protocol :
The main focus of the analysis is to ask for the most important item first.
We move around the Main Analysis Framework anticlockwise.
We start with the Conditions section.

The Conditions are like debris contaminating a smooth metabolic process.
They are

  • Zymoids – poisons from decaying matter
  • Zymoses – fermentations
  • Diatheses – weaknesses / tendencies towards a dis-ease pattern
  • Unidentified – unclassified
  • Allergies
  • Recognised – those legitimately identified by the medical profession

For more information see the Conditions page where the Diathesis framework can be downloaded for free.

Treating a Location

Conditions can interfere with
Physiological locations – systems in the body and their component structures
The Microbiome

“Both metagenomic and epidemiological studies indicate vital roles for the human microbiome in preventing a wide range of diseases ……. A symbiotic relationship between the gut microbiota and different bacteria may influence an individual’s immune response.”

Please also refer to the Wikipedia link:

Consider using the Bowel Nosodes to support the microbiome

The bowel nosodes are frequently the first homoeopathic remedies to be indicated for a new client.
Here is a list of all the ones that I have used over the past 30 + years

  • Bacillus No 7 0729787
  • Bacillus No 10 978010.8
  • Bach Faecalis 227187
  • Morgan 4099999
  • Gaertner 10.3010.10.
  • Morgan Gaertner 77772
  • Proteus 6239949

A full list, plus Homoeopathic remedies is available in the shop.

Rates can be entered into the MultiTreat 7 Radionic computer system (or any other instrumentation ) without dowsing.
Target Identification Rates can be created for a group, family or a community.
I hope the information helps,

Analogue v Digital Radionics Instruments

Radionics instruments blogSoftware, by definition, is a machine.   A finite state machine. Even a physical electrical circuit is a form of finite state machine, that has a kind of analogue logic to it.

In the old days we processed signals with analogue electrical circuits, as computers got faster digital signal processing (DSP) became possible. So if you like it was then possible to implement the mathematical “logic” of the analogue world in the digital one, a bit like “software circuits” rather than a bunch of components on a board.

Although the MultiTreat 7 (MT7) software does not do any DSP it does implement a machine logic that is consistent with a physical Radionic instrument, if that is even the right explanation.  At the end of the day operator intention is the real instrument.

I’m afraid I don’t buy into all the Scalar Field devices that are out on the Radionics market.  It is simply great sounding rubbish!  Scalar fields are very much theoretical. They might be a very limited explanation of how Radionic instrumentation, or better still, consciousness initiated action at a distance, might function.  But devices that claim that they purturbate a scalar field by some mechanism is pure rubbish.  If such devices could be made, then conventional science and engineering would already be using them to solve the many practical problems that we have in the world.

For us to progress in this field we need to accept that it is the operators mind that is the prime mover in the situation, rather than trying to wrap things up in a coating of pseudo-science that any scientist or engineer with see straight through very quickly. Sure, science can give us a basis to work from.  It helps us to formulate conceptual models, as a jumping off point. As George Box once said “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful”.

The “rates” in Radionics are simple associative rules linking a mental concept to a physical item/target. The whole mechanism is there to get this information across the limin, and into the operators subconscious mind, and from there the subconscious is able to “transmit” this information, by some unknown mechanism, to an apparently, distant target.  This is the whole basis for MT, there is no mysterious logic or pseudo science hidden inside it.  I have always been very open about that fact.  Think of the MT software as an “Operations protocol” to achieve such a “transmission”.

radionics instrumentsI still like the old Radionics instruments.  MT was my response to solving a practical day-to-day Radionic practice capacity problem.  Even I was initially sceptical if it would even function as a Radionic instrument, much to my surprise!  But being an engineer I though I’d build a prototype and see what happened! Thats what engineers do, don’t they!

It is unfortunate that MT is still a DOS program. My work with MTX has stalled, and I very much doubt that it will ever become a user friendly piece of software, I designed it to be a much more flexible software instrument than MT and portable to modern computing platforms.  I use MTX in the very small amount of Radionics work that I do these days, and it’s development has now been tailored very much towards my own applications and methods of operating, so really any general release of it is unlikely.  The resistance to MTX is right in line to the initial responses that I had when I developed MT way back in the early 1990’s by individuals using classic Radionics instruments. Perhaps give it another 20 years and it will be ready!

For us to progress in this field we need to accept that it is the operators mind that is the prime mover in the situation, rather than trying to wrap things up in a coating of pseudo-science that any scientist or engineer with see straight through very quickly.

It was partially this situation that held Radionics back in it’s earlier days.   Many instrument manufacturers were more than concerned that a physics savvy individual would open up an instrument to find meaningless circuitry. This situation shrouded the subject in mystique and secrecy.   Of course, I might be wrong, although if anyone can explain, in detail, exactly how such circuitry does enable coupling between the operator and a distant target, I really would love to know.  It can be pretty tricky transmitting a normal radio signal a few miles, or even to the other side of the world, with intelligible information contained upon it, let alone “Radionics signals”.

Chris Bacon

Radionic Rates Lists

radionic rates lists hard copy files

Combining Radionic Rates Lists for a Diverse Analysis

I am often asked which Radionic Rates lists are used during an analysis.
If I use Copen or De la Warr Radionic rates lists ……..  and ‘What is the difference?’

I use a combination of Base 10 and Base 44 Radionic rates lists (Frameworks) to complete a dowsing analysis.  Base 10 and Base 44 rates can be used with the MultiTreat 7.0 Radionic Treatment software.  Actually you can use any base system you want as long as the rate is no longer than 20 digits and spaces.

It seems easiest to explain the different Frameworks that contain the various rates / Numerical Identifications by going through the sections of the Framework Dowsing Main Analysis Sheet.

The Main Radionic Dowsing Analysis Sheet is divided into 4 sections

Dowsing for Health matEach section contains a group of related items.

The first section BLUE – The Conditions
then moving anticlockwise –
PINK – The Locations
GREEN – The Cosmic and Planetary Forces
YELLOW – Remedies and Corrective Treatments


Radionic Rates lists for conditions

The backbone of the Condition rates were created by Mrs H Lucie Bidie.

They are all Base 10 rates.
They are ascertained by dowsing.
All are filed within a card index system.

They have been extended and updated by Jane Radford.  Each condition is identified by a Recognition rate.  It has a corresponding Treatment rate.

These sets of rates are unique to Framework Dowsing.


radionic rates lists locations

In the example shown the Analysis Sheet is primarily for humans and animals.

All location rates are Base 10

All were ascertained by dowsing.
All are filed within a card index system.

Locations – physiological Human
De la Warr Updated and extended HL Bidie (HLB), JL Radford (JLR)
Hormones and Secretions HLB Updated and extended JLR
Enzymes  – including precursors, compounds and intinsic factors
HLB Updated and extended JLR

Note:  The Biochemistry option at the bottom of the list is used only as a link to another category.   It is subdivided into :  Carbohydrate; Lipid; Amino acid and Nucleic acid.


radionic rates lists Base 44s

The Cosmic and Planetary Rays and Forces are Base 44 rates.

These are individually created for each client or target.  They were catalogued and filed until the late 1990’s  Example archive files are used within Framework Dowsing workshops but otherwise the record of their use remains within an individual’s Case History files.

They are created using the dowsing process


radionic rates lists remedies

Remedies and Corrective treatments e.g. Homoeopathic, Starlights, Silicate and non Silicate minerals, Plants etc
Created and extended by JLR, Chris Bacon, Barbara Garratt

These lists are a combination of
Rates that have been plotted using dowsing
Numerical IDentifications (NIDs)

NIDs are computer generated.  Some lists use the Category and Name of the Corrective treatment as an influence on the NID configuration.

All are filed within the Master Card Index system and follow the Base 10 system.

radionic rates lists for plants

Physiological Locations – Plants are computer generated NIDs

Locations – physiological Plant are NIDs.
C Bacon (CB), JLR, J M Alzamora

Base 10 Radionic Rates Lists

Remember that a rate is basically a Numerical IDentification (NID).  It is a number which represents an item or concept to the practitioner.
NIDs are posted in real time on the Framework Dowsing Telegram Channel

The common factor amongst the Base 10 Radionic Rates that I use is that

I know they are not duplicated

I have a data base system.
I know that each item that is indicated for Radionic treatment has its own unique number.

If a new Condition, Location or Remedy is indicated I can verify that it does not already exist.

New Numerical IDs are logged and filed within the system set up by HL Bidie in the 1940s. Lucie Bidie commenced her training with George de la Warr and was therefor initially using his rates. Her system of analysis and treatment developed and diverged from the standard School of Radionics although she continued to teach with them for some time.

Bruce Copen

As I understand it, Bruce Copen developed his own instrumentation and sets of rates according to his research. Barbara used one of his dialled instruments before the development of MultiTreat
I used an early Malcolm Rae instrument.

I think that practitioners should utilise whichever sets of rates they feel comfortable with.  I need to know that a Numerical ID is not duplicated. This can occur without a database/filing system.  Lucie found duplicates within the de la Warr rates. She also discovered that combining some treatment and location rates – directing the treatment to that location, caused the same problem.  It was important for us both that we knew a Rate was specific and unique.

This has a major impact of on the effectiveness of the Radionic Treatments ….. for me.

For other practitioners this may not be an issue.

The subconsious brain is the instigator of the Radionic Treatment information.  The importance is that the practitioner is confident with the Framework and the Rate being used.  For me this confidence comes partly from knowing the uniqueness of each NID.

Please comment ……
or get in touch if you would like to know more.

Radionic Base 44 Rates

How to create and use a Base 44 Rate in Radionics?

base 44-dice

In Radionics the most versatile way of expressing a corrective treatment or remedy is by using a number or a series of digits.  They are far more easy to use than card sets An independent and confident practitioner is also free to create their own.  Using sets of cards/patterns can feel limiting.

There are different number formats for these Rates.  In this blog I will be looking at the Base 10 and Base 44 systems.  I will be describing how they are used within an analysis and treatment.

Early Radionic Instruments

Radionic instrumentation was built by the De La Warr laboratories in Oxfordshire.  They typically had a series or banks of dials.  These were set individually to represent the rate that was being ‘broadcast’ to the client or target.  Dials were calibrated from 0 to 10
The numbers were called Base 10 rates.  In actual fact they are base 11.  A number 10 never appears in a base 10 (decimal) number which is the numerology that most of us work with in day to day life.  So much so that we hardly think of it.

Base 44 Radionic Instrumentation

Malcom Rae developed a set of instrumentation where the dials were calibrated from 0 to 10 and 0 to 44.  The dials could be set to represent a Base 10 or a Base 44 number.  (Yes a Base 44 number is actually a Base 45)  According to my teacher H. Lucie Bidie, Malcolm believed that these Rates were for a different aspect of a Radionic treatment.  Not for treating locations or conditions.  Lucie felt it was important for her to purchase one of Malcolm’s instruments.  She soon started creating Base 44 Rates.  Here is how she taught me to create a Base 44 Rate.

Video – Creating a Base 44 Radionic Rate

How to use the Base 44 Rates

In my Framework Dowsing system I refer to the Base 44 Rates as the Planetary Rays and Forces.
They fall within the following 8 categories.

Formative Force
Release Force
Sub Ray
Cosmic Ray
Earth Ray
Sun Force
Lunar Force
Laser Ray

After creating and using Base 44 rates for nearly 30 years I read the book ’Cycles of Heaven’ Playfair and Hill.   I feel this book outlines some of the breadth and scope of the Base 44 Rates when I use them for Radionic treatments.
Another interesting books Cosmic Forces of Mu

Base 44 rates are used to support and re-balance physiology of humans, plants and animals and have also been indicated for treating places, spaces and buildings.  They are rarely called upon for clearing toxins or treating ‘illnesses’.

In reality we could create rates with to any base number …..  100     1000    3000000 …….

To me the using the base 44’s creates a compartment for a particular section of my dowsing framework.

How do you use the Base 44 or Base 33 or Base ? rates?
Have the videos for creating Base 10 and Base 44 encouraged you to create your own?

Radionic Technology of the Future

framework-dowsing-1.jpgHow will Radionic Technology Change in the Future?

In 1988 I hardly felt my feet touching the pavement as I walked home. Such was the effect of finding what was energising and exciting for me.  The afternoon had been literally mind bulging.   I had started learning the process of a Radionic analysis. New concepts, ideas and understandings were fizzing.  I now knew where I wanted to go. In fact learning about this work is still a source of euphoria to me.

However, the process of placing each target on the Radionic instrument for ‘broadcast’ of treatments became a long winded ritual as my client base grew.  And yes I do believe it is a ritual – an important part of the treatment process.

My Radionic instrument was similar to this one.

copen radionic instrument


Each client’s hair sample or similar witness of a target was placed upon the treatment plate. The dials were set to represent the ‘Rate’ or Numerical IDentification (NID) of a treatment. The potency dial was set to represent the physical or subtle level at which treatments were directed.


So we could be treating

  • mucous membrane of the left Eustachian tube (994410. on treatment dials)
  • of a child (blotting paper soaked saliva sample on treatment plate)
  • at the Etheric level (Calibrated potency dial 200x = Etheric)

and this would be a treatment for just over 3 minutes followed by any remaining treatments for that client (Typically around 3 each) and everyone else for that day…….

Eventually the time taken to complete these treatments had me awake until the wee small hours of most nights.  It is nigh on impossible to achieve anything ELSE in a 3 minute window.

My Radionic instrument was my pride and joy.  It took me years to find one.  They were like gold dust.  Expensive to make.  Nigh on impossible to buy.  Most were being exported to Europe…. for some reason.  Manufacturers and users of Radionic instrumentation seemed to have become entangled in the concept that the instrument “did the healing”.  That’s what I was initially taught.  People like me, who were not part of a recognised school struggled.   (Listen to our podcast for more information on 1980/90s Radionics in the UK)

Roll on to 1999 and Chris and Barbara introducing me to the MultiTreat 6.1 Radionic Software.

If you didn’t know already we offer MultiTreat 7.0 as free Radionic Technology.

MT 7.0 was and STILL IS the Radionic software that has saved me hours.  Once initiated, Radionic treatments proceed through automatically whilst I am at work (or play).

What is the future of Radionic Technology?

Radionic technology will change.  In 30 years time we will not be using the Radionic software available now.  How will it change?  It could be quite dramatically.  Especially as the Radionic instrument is a “tuning focus for the mind”.  See Dimensions of Radionics by David V Tansley   Chris refers to the employment of MultiTreat© as “using a physical stimulus to move the data over to the sub-conscious mind, and out to the Matrix mind”.

One of the main reasons for starting the Framework Dowsing website was to provide information and Radionic instrumentation which was so achingly difficult for me.  I wanted practitioners to move forward with their work unhampered from lack of resources or support.

Let’s get this clear.  I never meant to have a website.  Owning a computer seemed out of my league back in the 1990’s.  It wasn’t part of my initial ‘floating along the pavement plan’.  But by launching the Framework Dowsing website in 2011, I created an outline of my journey forward. Both my Radionic practice and the contact I have with many of you is part of that journey.  The ‘living in the moment’.  Your questions and comments give Framework Dowsing more specific directions.  We can all shape the future of our understanding and involvement in Radionics.

New Radionic Software

So if we look a few years ahead.  Where do you want to be as a dowser or practitioner in 5 years?  What do you want from your Radionic instrumentation?  How are you going to be part of that development and understanding of the process of Radionic analysis and Radionic treatment?  What are you going to learn and share with others?

And asking questions; your comments and observations; requests for our points of view …. these all mould our way forward and ultimately the Radionic technology of the future.

Chris Bacon of Framework Dowsing is moving Radionics software forward.   MultiTreat X is tantalisingly close to beta testing.

Will you contribute to new concepts and ideas with this new Radionic software?
My request was for a longer input field for the Base 44 rates.

So ……. open your email client [email protected]
or leave your comments below
Be proactive.
Ask questions and share what features you wish were available in your Radionic instrumentation.  These will help the development of your own concepts and the future of Radionic Instrumentation.

What facilities would you like from your Radionic software?

radionic technology workshopRight.  I’m off to put together my Raspberry Pi !



Accurate Radionic Rates

radionic ratesDo you have any lists of accurate Radionic Rates?

One of the interesting and mind stretching questions received as a result of making the MultiTreat 7.0 available as a free download from the website at the end of 2015

Well the concept of an accurate Radionic Rate is probably, for many practitioners thought to be pretty obvious.        Taken for granted.

But are some Rates – or as we prefer to refer to them – Numerical IDentifications (NIDs) more accurate than others?

In the Framework Dowser YouTube video, I show a way of creating a Radionic Rate / NID using dowsing.  This is then checked against the Framework Dowsing database and filed accordingly.

But is it only time that verifies a Radionic Rate’s Accuracy?

OK     I have been using a set of Numerical IDs for 30+ years.  My teacher had created and built these up over the previous 30+ years.  I felt instantly comfortable and confident working with the Framework Dowsing Conditions.  There was no problem with their efficacy within the treatment analysis.  But ……. if an item was indicated that was within a new field ……  it was a different matter.  Barbara introduced me to the Starlight Elixirs.  It took a while to become ‘fluent’ and confident when they were isolated during an analysis.  Frequently the reference material did not make sense in relation to the target.  It can often take research, discussion with an open minded colleague; considering the remedy from a different viewpoint or just plain repetitive use and familiarisation to become more confident.

Is this the key to Accurate Radionic Rates?

I think it is.  It is not the actual numbers that make up a rate.  They are not magical and mysterious codes.  I believe they are the link with the practitioner’s subconscious.

29939 is my numerical representation for the circulatory system

I know that within my framework, this number only relates to the circulatory system (as a whole).

If I enter 29939 into the MultiTreat Radionic Software
12 days treatments for 15 days – this action is also then linked to the subconscious – every time the MultiTreat Radionic program is initiated.

I believe that the accuracy and effectiveness of a Radionic treatment rate lies with the practitioner and their confidence and clarity of thoughts and concepts.

You may be interested in the Framework Dowsing video Distance Healing and Cakes for more information about Rates and Numerical IDs.

Jane Radford

Originally posted on 25.5.2016

Radionic Analyses

Radionic Analysis – The Inheritance Aspect

radionic analysis - epigenetics

Last Friday saw the release of ground breaking epigenetic research in the USA.  This then hit the UK media on the Monday.  Not only does it provide information which is relevant to psychiatric practitioners but it backs up what medical dowsers have been including when completing a  Radionic analysis for decades.

This is the way that I was taught:
Once I had ascertained the condition or location to be treated the next step was to find out the level at which to direct Radionic treatments.  This was followed by finding the Aspect of that Level.

I have not talked about these Aspects before……. apart from during workshops and one-to-one tuition sessions.  They are as follows:

  1. Karmic
  2. Inherited
  3. Emotional
  4. Aquired
  5. Dharmic
  6. Non Personal Interference

This research is linked with the 2nd Aspect.  The Inheritance pattern.
So if a condition or location is indicated for treatment at the 2nd Apsect this means it is an inherited condition or ‘weakness’ of a physiological location (N.B. can also be the general metabolism).

So the research team at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital is demonstrating and providing some verification in humans that what our ancestors experienced and emotionally and mentally attempted to process has an effect upon the DNA picture gallery.   This has frequently been shown using animals.  This is the first research that has been able to use people.

It is very exciting when the way that we work, or the tools that we use, or the concepts that we employ are supported by scientific research.  Dowsing does enable us to pinpoint specific information within such a complex set of overlapping and intertwined negative effects upon the balance and vitality associated with ‘health’.

I was also taught that a pattern in the inheritance pattern can go back up to 6 generations.  It may provide a more accurate meaning to Exodus 34 in the Bible.

“…… visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

And here the definition of iniquity as ‘immoral or grossly unfair behaviour’ should be seen as also that which is also inflicted upon the fathers.
The concept of Karma has long been used to control the masses.  But perhaps I should do another blog post about this 1st Aspect in the future!

Jane Radford
28 August 2015