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cropped-framework-dowsing-1.jpgRadionic Support Materials

This area of the Framework Dowsing website encompasses a growing number of Radionic resources and support materials for practitioners and people with an interest in sending corrective treatments to their clients, their clients animals, places and spaces or agricultural scenarios.

Our collection of Radionic Resources is growing and developing.  Your questions, comments and feed back provide direction to how we work.  We aim to offer as many free resources as possible.

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Radionic Treatment Computer Software

Radionic Treatment programMultiTreat 7.0

The MultiTreat 7.0 is a Radionic Instrument is no longer available to download free from the Framework Dowsing website.
Visit the MultiTreat 7 page for information about MultiTreat 7 on Raspberry Pi.

Radionic Rate Sheets

radionic resources conditions list abr. jpegOtherwise known as Frameworks or Lists. These Rate Sheets can be included within subdivisions of your Main Analysis Framework.

The first 4 sets that will be available from the Framework Dowsing Shop will be:

A Diathesis Condition Framework (formerly called Miasms) can be downloaded from the Conditions page

Flower Remedies

 Download the British Flower Remedy (Bach) Framework with Numerical IDentifications

British Flower Remedies EB15.1

Radionic Treatment and Case History Summary Sheet

Radionic resources TS&CH

This Radionic Treatment Record Sheet contains a case history field for a summary of the points to hold in mind whilst completing a Radionic dowsing analysis.  Additional more detailed information can be included within the target file with the Case History sheet – see below.

Case History and Treatment Sheet
pdf document to download

The additional fields are:
Condition/Location – where treatments are being highlighted for elimination of ‘toxins’/Conditions and the area of affliction.
Alternatively the physiological area requiring support.
*Treatment Numerical Identification – the Rate or Numerical Identification that is entered into MultiTreat © or your alternative Radionic instrumentation.
*Level – the Subtle Organising Energy Field level at which treatments are directed
*Time – The time in minutes
*Treatments – the number of days treatments
* Information in these fields is entered into MultiTreat © or your alternative Radionic instrumentation.

Case History

CASE HISTORY FWD win.pdfRadionic treatment case history form

A four page Case History form for humans which can be used as a template for creating your own.

CASE HISTORY word version

This version is in Microsoft Word so that you can alter and update according to your needs.

Creating Base 10 and Base 44 Rates


Plotting grid as shown in the YouTube Framework Dowsing videos for Base 10 and Base 44

Down load the pdf

Plotting Grids for Base 10/44

Please give a donation towards the information provided and our continuing work and research.  

Radionic Physiological Location sheets – Human

These can also be used for mammals but take into consideration that there will be some variations in organs.

No Framework should be considered ‘set in stone’.  Your system should be flexible and open to change.  This includes your Location Sheets.

These sheets are based on the De la Warr original layout and Base 10 rate system.  Some rates have been removed as it does not make sense to treat the location.  However these locations remain listed as they are useful for diagnostic dowsing.  Some locations are without rates as they have yet to be needed and created.
Many rates have been added.  The most striking of which was the inclusion of rates for the left and right organs – where they exist.   Other added rates have been where a physiological location has been investigated in more detail.

A1Mouth nose and throat











Please contact us if you need more information on Physiological Locations
We are aiming to provide the full set of Location Sheets (Human) via this Resources page.

Your support is valued and inspiring.  Please consider a donation, however small.

Radionic Physiological Location sheets – Plants

Radionic resources agriculture1 ROOT

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