Dowsing Pendulums

Beautiful Dowsing Pendulums

Framework Dowsing is pleased to offer a wonderful selection of quality dowsing pendulums.  They are made in Northamptonshire by CurlyCat Creations.

Each pendulum is individually hand-picked and unique.  They are all checked for correct balance and drop length according to the size and weight of the bob/bead before tying and finishing.  Cotton and silk drops are used throughout the range.

Kerry Thomas at Curly Cat Creations believes that the key to a good pendulum is that it is aesthetically pleasing to the owner or that it is one that you feel drawn to choosing.  This is reflected in the glorious range and choice throughout her designs.

If you see a pendulum which you are particularly drawn to amongst all the lovely photographs in the shop then please let us know.  We will do our best to send it to you if it is still in stock.  Otherwise a similar one will be chosen.

Dowsing Pendulums 3/12Dowsing Pendulums – Light

Weighing between 2 and 5 grams these pendulums are suitable for beginners or dowsers working for long stretches of time.  Their light weight makes them sensitive and very responsive.
Materials:  Glass bob and stopper beads; base metal findings; cotton thread drop 5 – 9 cm length     from £13.00

Have a look at Kerry’s Dowsing Pendulums


Dowsing Pendulums - medium with ringsDowsing Pendulums – Medium

These heavier pendulums are furnished with finger suspension rings.  The ring and findings are copper.  The drop is silk cord and the bobs are glass with Swarovski crystal finials.  A design unique to CurlyCat Creations.

Bob Weight from 4 grams; Drop length 5 – 8 cm    from £18.00

Have a look at Kerry’s Dowsing Pendulums

Dowsing Pendulums – Bespoke

Kerry Thomas CCCYou will need to contact Kerry Thomas at CurlyCat Creations directly who will be happy to furnish you with a pendulum to your specification.  For example you may have heir loom beads which you would like to be incorporated into your design.

Weight, drop length and materials will be to your specification.

Please contact Kerry directly via e mail  [email protected]


 “Love the pendulum, it is sparkling away and has a life of its own, love it…..” Louise W @ Cromford

“Each pendulum I have had from CurlyCat Creations has been lovely to use. The only pendulums I have found which have thread rather than chain.”  Jane @ frameworkdowsing