Radionic Computer Treatment Program

MultiTreat MT

 MultiTreat Computer Radionic Instrument Program

The MultiTreat (MT) Computer Treatment software is an application for sending remote healing. It was originally designed and written as a Radionic instrument and far surpassed the cumbersome, time consuming, manual configuration of Radionic treatments on instrumentation in the 1980’s.
Framework Dowsing is proud to offer this compact, easy to use program as a hardware bundle.
Please use this area of the website to gain insight into the history, development and how to use MultiTreat 7.0

The following video gives an overview of the MultiTreat  (MT) Radionic Computer treatment application.

Input of Radionic treatment information into MultiTreat

Diagrammatic Summary – Entering information into the various fields of MultiTreat

How MultiTreat was developed and created

Screen capture video showing MultiTreat and the Treatment EDitor.

Radionic Computer System – MultiTreat on Raspberry Pi

MultiTreat is available as a small independent unit.  This compact and easily portable hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3B with the MultiTreat software installed.  We have included the FWD Level 3.4 course notes and the 5 Condition Frameworks.
For more information visit this page

MultiTreat 7.0 is no longer available as a download from the website.
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    For a pdf file of the ‘MultiTreat User Manual’ please use the link below

    MT Manual

    Thank you for your interest in MultiTreat and Framework Dowsing