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Thank you for your interest in the MultiTreat Radionic Treatment program.
Questions about this Radionic Computer Treatment program can usually be divided into 3 categories.
~ How the software functions on the different devices
~ How to input and operate the treatment program
~ Esoteric queries about the process of Radionic analysis and treating targets

If you cannot find the answer to a question please use the contact form on the MT information page.

The Radionic MultiTreatment software on Raspberry Pi     MT-on-Pi

I haven’t used a Raspberry Pi before.  How do I start?

There are numerous on-line videos and tutorials available.
If you are able to use a Windows or Mac computer you should find things easy.
MT-on-Pi is supplied set up and ready to be connected to your monitor, key board and mouse.
Please remember that these are not supplied due to international differences (e.g. Keyboard key layouts) and personal preferences.  What we think is an acceptable keyboard you may consider to be below par.  You may want a larger screen than the ones we use. etc etc

Raspberry Pi Help Videos

Please contact us with further questions about this Computer Radionic System.  We will be pleased to answer questions.

MultiTreat is no longer available as a free download

Please note that we will phasing out our email and ‘phone support for users of the free MT download in 2019.  Requests can be made for additions to the FAQ page.

Why was the MultiTreat 7.0 Radionic Treatment program a free download?

For many years we struggled to cope with the large amount of time consumed entering patients and targets onto conventional Radionic instrumentation.  With increasingly busy practices the workload became enormous and our time was torn between completing analyses and fulfilling treatment commitments.
Radionic instrumentation was expensive, cumbersome and involved large chunks of time inputting and timing individual treatments.
By supporting CC our programmer- who is also a practitioner we were able to make it openly available for busy practitioners and open minded individuals from 2013 – February 2019

Please make a donation however small so that we can continue to provide information,
share concepts and support dowsers and distance healers.
Thank you for your interest in Framework Dowsing.

The following information remains for ‘free download users’ and may be useful for MT7 for Pi practitioners.

Input and operation of the MultiTreat  Radionic Treatment Software

Using MT7 on Windows

Why do I get the DOSBox program when downloading MultiTreat 7?

MultiTeat needs the a DOS emulator in order to work.  MT 7 is downloaded within the DOSBox.  It is then easily mounted into the DOSBox programming.

I cannot create a short-cut for DOSBox to put on my desktop

If your DOSBox and MT7 file look like this when opened
Radionic instrument 1

Double click on the DOSBox file.

The new window ‘Compressed (zipped) Folders’ will open.

Click on the ‘Extract all’ button.

This will open a new window. In my case it is saving the extracted files to the C drive – desktop.
Radionic instrument 2

Leave the ‘Show extracted files when complete’ ticked and click the ‘Extract’ button.

A new window will open

Radionic instrument 3

When you now click on the DOS BOX2 folder it will open as shown in the Installing-MT-Win pdf on Step 3/Page 5

I type “mt” as instructed, but it shows that mt is an illegal command …..

If this screen appears then DOSBox2 and MT7 have not been saved into the same directory.
(We suggest saving to the C drive)


the MT7 files have not been “extracted” properly.

DOSBox cannot “find” the MT7 files.
Please print out or have the instructions for downloading and mounting open whilst you are installing MultiTreat 7.0    These instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.  There are lots of screen shots.

It may be simpler to uninstall all the DOSBox and MultiTreat 7 files and start again.

How do I access the Treatment Editor (TED)?

There are a number of different ways of accessing the Treatment Editor.
You can :

Click on your DOSBox short cut on the desk top
(or open dos box in the c drive if you have no short-cut)

Instead of typing MT     type ‘TED‘ or ‘ted
This will then open the TED files …….

You can open MultiTreat and type   ‘exit’ in the input field at the bottom
On the black screen you can then type ‘TED’
This will open the TED files …….

When MT 7 has completed treatments  and the blue screen has closed to the black screen
You can type ‘TED’
This will open the TED files  …….

Just a reminder
You cannot run MT 7 and TED at the same time.
This may cause MT 7 to ‘crash’.
MT 7 is a very robust and stable program but information may be lost and it could of course curtail treatments that were currently running.

Using MT7 on Macs

Why do I get a short cut to the ‘Boxer’ application in my download of MT 7?

In order for MultiTreat 7 to work on a Mac device it needs a DOS emulator.  Framework Dowsing uses and recommends the free Boxer software.  You can use another DOS emulator such as DOSBox.  We have found Boxer to be the easiest for installing MT 7.

Using the MultiTreat 7 Radionic Program

I use traditional Radionic Instrumentation.  I have MT 7 downloaded but don’t know where to start.

Hair Sample = Create a Unique target Identcopen numbered dialsification Number

Hair Sample = A name or description can be entered which will be displayed on screen.  This is optional.  It does make it easier to identify targets if you need to use the Treatment Editor (TED)

Rate created by using dials = rate created by using numbers – how it appears in your framework sheets.  Type the numbers on the MT prompt ‘Rate’>

Level = potency or Level you are directing your treatments.  If you do not specify this with your usual instrumentation use ‘Non specific’ (Type “non”).  Alternatively you could start to include this as part of your analysis protocol.  See the MT 7 instruction manual page 2.

Time = Either the length of time on the timer of your Radionic instrument or more commonly, ascertaining a time via the analysis.

Number of treatments = Number of treatments arrived at during your analysis.

My Radionic Instrument has dials which go up to 10
How do I enter 10 into the MultiTreat Radionic Program?

To differentiate 10 from 1 and a 0 place a ‘.‘ after the 0
The number Ten, Eight, One, Zero  would be entered as 10.810

MultiTreat 7.0 shut down when I was using it for the 1st time and I hadn’t entered any treatments……

MT 7.0 automatically closes when all items have completed and no new treatments have been entered for a further 5 minutes.  If MT 7.0 is opened for the first time and no treatments are initiated for 5 minutes the program will close.
We encourage you to open MT and enter fictitious data in order to become familiar with the different fields and working with Treatment EDitor (TED).

How many treatments can I run at the same time on MultiTreat?

MT 7.0 processes 15 targets at a time.  You can however upload more than 15 sets of target data.  As a target completes its treatments it leaves the treatments screen.  Additional waiting treatments take the place of those that have completed.

If you are entering a large number of new treatments you may need to wait until a ‘slot becomes available’.  This message will be displayed in the input area of the window before you are able to enter a new set of data for a client.

Can I put a group of people/targets onto MT 7.0 for the same treatments?

Yes, you can create a group target identification number and name.  There is more on this in Level 3 and MultiTreat course material.

What should I do if I forget to run the MultiTreat Radionic program for the day?

MT 7.0 will function as though there has not been a gap in treatments.  The required number of treatments that you entered for each item will still be processed.

I ran MT 7.0 for the daily treatments and made a mistake of running it again when adding additional treatments later in the day.  

You will need to access TEd and extend each treatment’s time by one day if you still want the correct number of days treatments to be fulfilled.  You may also need to refer back to your analysis records in case some treatments were on their last day and are no longer recorded on MT7.

Where do I input a homoeopathic potency for sending a treatment Radionically?

Many practitioners use MultiTreat 7 to send remedies to a client or target.  The dowsing process frequently indicates a potency for this remedy.

There are 2 options for entering the potency into the Radionic treatment application.

Option 1
On MT 7 the input field ‘Level’ is one area where this potency can be included.
Each Level or Subtle Organising Energy Field has a corresponding homeopathic potency.

– Molecular     MOL        6x
– Atomic    ATO        30c
– SubAtomic    SUB        80c
Vacuum (Interface)        VAC        500x
Etheric                ETH        200x
Emotional            EMO        1000x
Mental                MEN        10M
etc ……

A questions during this part of the analysis could be
“At what level are treatments indicated for this remedy/item?”
Use the Aide Memoire to determine the level (or levels) indicated for treatment.
Enter the relevant Subtle Body into the Level field.  The abbreviations in capitals can be used.

Option 2
A potency can also be included with the treatment rate.
See example list below

– Molecular    2937
– Atomic    059
– SubAtomic    210.9  (Two, ten, nine)
Etheric        10.199  (Ten, one, nine, nine)
Vacuum    733010.  (Seven, three, three, zero, ten)
Emotional    49410.  (Four, nine, four, ten)
Astral         30910.7  (Three, zero, nine, ten, seven)
etc ……
These rates can follow on from the treatment rate.

So treating a target with Titanium – 610.10.10.9 at the Subatomic level 210.9
Enter 610.10.10.9210.9 into the Rate field
Enter NON (Nonspecific)  into the Level field

How does the MultiTreat 7.0 Radionic treatment program work?  …….. How does it send treatments to a client or target?

Practitioners have become familiar with the early instruments and the subsequent development of updated models.
There are also a number of other computer digital devices.

How do these analogue and digital Radionic instruments work?

Chris Bacon, who developed the MultiTreat 7.0 software shares his thoughts in this post.

Analogue v Digital Radionics Instruments


If you have a question not answered on this page please contact us for more information either by emailing [email protected] or using the contact form on the MT 7 page