Radionic Technology of the Future

framework-dowsing-1.jpgHow will Radionic Technology Change in the Future?

In 1988 I hardly felt my feet touching the pavement as I walked home. Such was the effect of finding what was energising and exciting for me.  The afternoon had been literally mind bulging.   I had started learning the process of a Radionic analysis. New concepts, ideas and understandings were fizzing.  I now knew where I wanted to go. In fact learning about this work is still a source of euphoria to me.

However, the process of placing each target on the Radionic instrument for ‘broadcast’ of treatments became a long winded ritual as my client base grew.  And yes I do believe it is a ritual – an important part of the treatment process.

My Radionic instrument was similar to this one.

copen radionic instrument


Each client’s hair sample or similar witness of a target was placed upon the treatment plate. The dials were set to represent the ‘Rate’ or Numerical IDentification (NID) of a treatment. The potency dial was set to represent the physical or subtle level at which treatments were directed.


So we could be treating

  • mucous membrane of the left Eustachian tube (994410. on treatment dials)
  • of a child (blotting paper soaked saliva sample on treatment plate)
  • at the Etheric level (Calibrated potency dial 200x = Etheric)

and this would be a treatment for just over 3 minutes followed by any remaining treatments for that client (Typically around 3 each) and everyone else for that day…….

Eventually the time taken to complete these treatments had me awake until the wee small hours of most nights.  It is nigh on impossible to achieve anything ELSE in a 3 minute window.

My Radionic instrument was my pride and joy.  It took me years to find one.  They were like gold dust.  Expensive to make.  Nigh on impossible to buy.  Most were being exported to Europe…. for some reason.  Manufacturers and users of Radionic instrumentation seemed to have become entangled in the concept that the instrument “did the healing”.  That’s what I was initially taught.  People like me, who were not part of a recognised school struggled.   (Listen to our podcast for more information on 1980/90s Radionics in the UK)

Roll on to 1999 and Chris and Barbara introducing me to the MultiTreat 6.1 Radionic Software.

If you didn’t know already we offer MultiTreat 7.0 as free Radionic Technology.

MT 7.0 was and STILL IS the Radionic software that has saved me hours.  Once initiated, Radionic treatments proceed through automatically whilst I am at work (or play).

What is the future of Radionic Technology?

Radionic technology will change.  In 30 years time we will not be using the Radionic software available now.  How will it change?  It could be quite dramatically.  Especially as the Radionic instrument is a “tuning focus for the mind”.  See Dimensions of Radionics by David V Tansley   Chris refers to the employment of MultiTreat© as “using a physical stimulus to move the data over to the sub-conscious mind, and out to the Matrix mind”.

One of the main reasons for starting the Framework Dowsing website was to provide information and Radionic instrumentation which was so achingly difficult for me.  I wanted practitioners to move forward with their work unhampered from lack of resources or support.

Let’s get this clear.  I never meant to have a website.  Owning a computer seemed out of my league back in the 1990’s.  It wasn’t part of my initial ‘floating along the pavement plan’.  But by launching the Framework Dowsing website in 2011, I created an outline of my journey forward. Both my Radionic practice and the contact I have with many of you is part of that journey.  The ‘living in the moment’.  Your questions and comments give Framework Dowsing more specific directions.  We can all shape the future of our understanding and involvement in Radionics.

New Radionic Software

So if we look a few years ahead.  Where do you want to be as a dowser or practitioner in 5 years?  What do you want from your Radionic instrumentation?  How are you going to be part of that development and understanding of the process of Radionic analysis and Radionic treatment?  What are you going to learn and share with others?

And asking questions; your comments and observations; requests for our points of view …. these all mould our way forward and ultimately the Radionic technology of the future.

Chris Bacon of Framework Dowsing is moving Radionics software forward.   MultiTreat X is tantalisingly close to beta testing.

Will you contribute to new concepts and ideas with this new Radionic software?
My request was for a longer input field for the Base 44 rates.

So ……. open your email client [email protected]
or leave your comments below
Be proactive.
Ask questions and share what features you wish were available in your Radionic instrumentation.  These will help the development of your own concepts and the future of Radionic Instrumentation.

What facilities would you like from your Radionic software?

radionic technology workshopRight.  I’m off to put together my Raspberry Pi !