Radionic Treatments for Corona Virus

The following resource has been written by Jane Radford in response to questions about Radionic treatments for Corona virus or COVID-19


Amidst the numerous concerns in many countries, there are a number of positive aspects we are experiencing. In the UK many people are supporting their local small businesses, helping in their communities, becoming interested in growing food to eat, exercising more …..

Globally there is a reduction in nitrogen dioxide.

In this article I will guide you through a number of considerations to be made before starting your analyses at this busy time.
In a situation that raises fear of disease and dying, many people turn to improving their health. They may begin to consider that what they routinely surround and put inside their bodies may have a long term compound effect.
You may hear the phrase ‘You are my last resort’ from a new client …… which is not a compliment!
It is a busy time when we are working to support our regular clients. Those who call upon us first, rather than automatically take analgesics and allopathic medicines. Some decisions and choices can be difficult to make.
We are all moving towards leaving our current physical bodies. The following link is an overview of the route we are likely to take!

Starting your radionic analysis

First Considerations – before you start

What measures am I taking to maintain my own mental, emotional and physical well being?

Practitioners need to be aware that if they are below par, then all clients are without updates to their treatments. Put yourself first. A new case that takes a lot of clinic and research time may be too much.
When the work load becomes heavy, be prepared to consider

  • Saying ‘No’
  • taking shortcuts
  • using group Target ID rates
  • using your conscious knowledge rather than dowsing for each item

And remember to

  • take frequent breaks
  • drink water
  • get outside and walk on the earth

Next – Some Questions

Do viruses exist?

The term ‘virus’ is not recognised in my dowsing protocol.
A ‘virus’ has never been indicated for treatment during any of my Radionic analyses.
The work of Stefan Lanka is noteworthy.
Is the term bacteriopphage acceptable?

Can the Immune System be Strengthened?

strengthening the immune system
What is the practitioners concept of strengthening ‘the immune system’?

The Immune System is an analogy for a complex interconnection between definable systems in the body.

I do not think there is an ‘immune system’. I think this is a term that is an analogy for general and localised metabolic processes. Each organ has its own connective tissue/reticulo endothelial system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and its own microbiome. Specific organs create macrophages and opsinins. These work together to create what could be called an ‘immune system’.

JLRadford – Framework Dowsing Level 4 Course materials

Fear and Anxiety Cause Dis-ease – the Emotional Aspect

It is frequently overlooked that the subconscious is expressed via the physical body.
See below the links to Hamer and the work of Candace Pert

It is vastly disappointing that the media has joyously stoked up fear to make more money. Government employees have had to be seen to responding to ‘the crisis’.

German New Medicine – Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer’s work provides a rich resource for practitioners.
Watch Caroline Markolin’s videos where she talks about the effects of a cancer diagnosis affecting the development of further symptoms.

Radionic practitioners are working in a climate of fear of the Corona ‘virus’. We need to be assessing our client’s mental and emotional states.

  • Agrimony – for those who hide worries behind a brave face
  • Cherry Plum – uncontrolled, irrational thoughts
  • Gentian – despondancy
  • Mimulus – fear of known things
  • Rock Rose – suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky
  • Star of Bethlehem – effects of serious news
  • White Chestnut – persistent unwanted thoughts. Preoccupation with some worry

Also consider the homoeopathic remedies

  • Stramonium – terror 8662755214
  • Natrum Muriaticum – anxiety of the future 1182625387
  • Pulsatilla – melancholy, fear of death 2614376100
  • Hypericum – removes consequences of fright and effects of shock 3846153363
  • Zinc Valerian distressed, ‘mixed up’ 2011854600

Please visit the shop if you are interested in the full homoeopathic remedies list.

The Radionic Analysis for a person concerned that they have COVID-19

Beginning your Radionic Analysis

It is the task of the practitioner to be subconsciously encompassing a wide range of concepts and biological processes as they approach their work.
We have already considered
Maintaining our own wellbeing
The Immune System
Underlying Emotional States

Dowsing for Health mat
Diagramatic process for dowsing the different sections of the Main Analysis Framework

If you are interested in the Framework Dowsing Radionic analysis protocol :
The main focus of the analysis is to ask for the most important item first.
We move around the Main Analysis Framework anticlockwise.
We start with the Conditions section.

The Conditions are like debris contaminating a smooth metabolic process.
They are

  • Zymoids – poisons from decaying matter
  • Zymoses – fermentations
  • Diatheses – weaknesses / tendencies towards a dis-ease pattern
  • Unidentified – unclassified
  • Allergies
  • Recognised – those legitimately identified by the medical profession

For more information see the Conditions page where the Diathesis framework can be downloaded for free.

Treating a Location

Conditions can interfere with
Physiological locations – systems in the body and their component structures
The Microbiome

“Both metagenomic and epidemiological studies indicate vital roles for the human microbiome in preventing a wide range of diseases ……. A symbiotic relationship between the gut microbiota and different bacteria may influence an individual’s immune response.”

Please also refer to the Wikipedia link:

Consider using the Bowel Nosodes to support the microbiome

The bowel nosodes are frequently the first homoeopathic remedies to be indicated for a new client.
Here is a list of all the ones that I have used over the past 30 + years

  • Bacillus No 7 0729787
  • Bacillus No 10 978010.8
  • Bach Faecalis 227187
  • Morgan 4099999
  • Gaertner 10.3010.10.
  • Morgan Gaertner 77772
  • Proteus 6239949

A full list, plus Homoeopathic remedies is available in the shop.

Rates can be entered into the MultiTreat 7 Radionic computer system (or any other instrumentation ) without dowsing.
Target Identification Rates can be created for a group, family or a community.
I hope the information helps,