Radionics and Agriculture

FWD radionics and agricultureWelcome to the Radionics and Agriculture area of the Framework Dowsing website.

This section of the website is for dowsers, Radionic practitioners, organic farmers and gardeners, livestock owners.  It is for anyone interested in the health and vitality of our soil and plants, and the subsequent effects on our livestock and planetary well-being.


Structure and process for the Radionic analysis of soil and plants

Here we will be gathering support materials for completing agricultural Radionic analyses and treatments.  This includes considering Conditions, deficiencies and planetary & cosmic influences and supportive measures.  We will also be discussing the elimination of ‘weeds’.  It is widely known that weeds (and parasites for animals, humans and plants) can be an indication of deficiencies and attributes within the soil structure.

The Agricultural Framework Dowsing analysis is designed to cover

  • Support for crops
  • Elimination of pests
  • Providing supplements and vitality to the soil
  • Clearing conditions afflicting soil and crops
  • Working with Cosmic and Formative forces and rays

The Radionics and Agriculture area of the website is a joint work between Radionic practitioners in the UK and Colombia.  We are excited by the number of people who have contacted Framework Dowsing because of an interest in agricultural and livestock dowsing.

This is early days so please get involved.  What information do you need to know first?

Let’s begin

Learn to Dowse

If you are learning to dowse or wish to improve your dowsing skill please see the pages dowsing classes
This area of the Framework Dowsing website includes step by step instructions for improving dowsing accuracy and confidence.  There are dowsing resources and materials to help.  We also have links to youtube videos and slideshare presentations which are a quick and easy way to learn and understand radiesthesia.  Follow us on facebook.

Starting your dowsing analysis

Framework dowsing is a structured approach for accessing the most important information in the correct sequence.  We do not take a reading of each physiological system.  We ask for what is indicated for treatment first.


The Framework Dowsing Analysis for Radionics and Agriculture

MAF Agriculture and Radionics analysis sheet

Here is a Main Analysis Framework (MAF) for an agricultural Radionic analysis. 

Note that for livestock we use this
Analysis Framework STUDENT LVL3

We start the analysis by writing down the problem in the Case History notes.
Are there any items indicated for this analysis?


Is the first item indicated for the soil or the plant?
Where do I begin?

Using your MAF – Agriculture begin in the top right hand section and ask

Is the item indicated for treatment a Condition?    …….  a Location?   ……..   a Base 44 Rate?  …….. a supplement or supportive treatment?  Now follow the suggestions in the Dowsing for Health pages of the website.

The 2 Main Analysis Sheets for humans/animals and agriculture are very similar.
Both utilise the same Rates Lists for the Conditions and Enzyme pattern, and also many of the Supportive ‘Remedies’.  They are both aimed at being adapted and evolved according to a dowsers experience, concepts and expertise.  A starting point.

The Conditions

The Locations –

  • include plant physiology – visit the Resources page to download the
    Root Framework
  • Hormones
  • Enzyme Patterns

Cosmic and Planetary Rays and Forces

Supplements and Remedies

Orientation and the Elements

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