Radionic Treatments for Corona Virus

The following resource has been written by Jane Radford in response to questions about Radionic treatments for Corona virus or COVID-19 Introduction Amidst the numerous concerns in many countries, there are a number of positive aspects we are experiencing. In the UK many people are supporting their local small businesses, helping in their communities, becoming… Continue reading Radionic Treatments for Corona Virus

Radionic Rates Lists

Combining Radionic Rates Lists for a Diverse Analysis I am often asked which Radionic Rates lists are used during an analysis. If I use Copen or De la Warr Radionic rates lists ……..  and ‘What is the difference?’ I use a combination of Base 10 and Base 44 Radionic rates lists (Frameworks) to complete a… Continue reading Radionic Rates Lists

Accurate Radionic Rates

Do you have any lists of accurate Radionic Rates? One of the interesting and mind stretching questions received as a result of making the MultiTreat 7.0 available as a free download from the website at the end of 2015 Well the concept of an accurate Radionic Rate is probably, for many practitioners thought to be pretty obvious.      … Continue reading Accurate Radionic Rates

Radionic Analyses

Radionic Analysis – The Inheritance Aspect Last Friday saw the release of ground breaking epigenetic research in the USA.  This then hit the UK media on the Monday.  Not only does it provide information which is relevant to psychiatric practitioners but it backs up what medical dowsers have been including when completing a  Radionic analysis… Continue reading Radionic Analyses